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Technologies - designed to meet our
customer needs!
Nilfisk offers you a complete range of innovative and powerful Wet&Dry vacuum cleaners - all
designed to accommodate not only your most demanding professional cleaning needs, but also to
match your specific level of requirements in terms of suction power, with features such as advanced
filtration, very low noise, high performance and automatic or semi-automatic filter cleaning.
This advanced technology delivers automatic filter cleaning
while you work at full vacuum performance. Using either
valve or servo based solutions, XtremeClean™ ensures an
even longer lifetime, high efficiency and prevents power
loss through restricted airflow – without interruptions.
The friction of dust particles can a buildup of static
electricity in the hose which can cause electrical shocks
or even ignite explosive material or combustible dust.
The Nilfisk AntiStatic system means that the vacuum inlet
fittings are earthed and electrostatic charges are prevented.
By connecting the tool directly to the machine, dust is
vacuumed directly from source and the vacuum is
switched automatically on and off with the tool. Follow
up controls are included for the complete emptying of
the suction hose and continuous power regulation.
InfiniClean™ automatically cleans the filter during
operation using a reversed air pulse that is activated every
15 seconds – increasing the airflow up to 20%. The
durable and washable PTFE long-life filter with non-stick
membrane can be used for both wet and dry pick-up.
This technology allows fast and simple cleaning of
the filter cartridge. When pushing the filter cleaning
button, the surrounding air enters the filter cartridge in
the opposite direction. Dirt is blasted off the filter and
the suction performance is high again. A comfortable,
powerful yet gentle way of cleaning the filter.
The SystemEC, used in all Nilfisk ATEX ZONE 22
vacuums, is a single-phase drive system developed
with an electronically commutated direct current motor.
The motor is electronically controlled, making carbon
brushes unnecessary.
MultiFit was conceived so that all suction hoses, regardless
of whether the diameter is 27, 32, 36, 38 or 50 mm, can
be connected to the vacuum without further expenditure.
On most models, the MultiFit hose inlet gives the flexibility
to choose between universal or AntiStatic hoses.
This patented technology, used in all Nilfisk H and M class
and TYPE 22 vacuum cleaners electronically measures air
flow directly with the use of two thermal gates. Air flow
can be determined in all operating conditions regardless
of hose diameter and/or power supply fluctuation.
A voltage dropout can lead to system break downs if the
appliance is sensitive to voltage fluctuation. SoftStart keeps
the starting current low and reduces voltage dropout. The
function is certified by an independent testing institution.

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