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Scrubber dryers
Results you can rely on
four priorities when we design and develop the machines –
excellent cleaning results, ease of use, maximum lifespan and
low maintenance and service costs.
The Nilfisk range of automatic cleaning machines allows you to
clean efficiently up to 11.700 m2 per hour. You can trust us on
Less downtime with the Nilfisk "tool-free"
The exclusive Nilfisk “tool-free” system allows the operator
to check or change the brushes and decks quickly and easily,
thus keeping downtime to a minimum and saving money. Our
machines are designed to be easy to maintain, all the main parts
can be accessed quickly and directly.
Making the most of your up-time
Get more out of your scrubber dryer with our
range of accessories

All scrubber dryers have been built for easy maintenance and
maximum up-time. This is enhanced by features like:

• easy access to key components like batteries and vacuum

• easy and quick change of squeegee blades, brushes and

• no tools needed to change accessories

• easy access to batteries for service; easy to charge
• batteries or cable: depends on the environment to clean
• charger on board or not: to charge everywhere you want
• monoblocs or cells in a tray batteries: depends on the running time you need
• cylindrical or flat brush system: depends on the floor and
if you need to sweep or not
• brushes or pads: a large choice to be closed to the
cleaning task
Comfort comes as standard with ClearView™
Discs and brushes for every application
All discs and brushes are designed to carefully clean many types
of floors. Nilfisk scrubber dryers can safely and effectively clean
all hard floor surfaces. Nilfisk can advise on the machine,
accessory and detergent most suitable for use in your
premises. Our machines remove all types of dirt: dust, oil,
rubber etc. Nilfisk has the perfect solution for you.
An analysis of the Nilfisk machine reveals that the ergonomic
design offers the required comfort to the operator, thus
reducing stress and work absenteeism. For example, the
ClearView™ system, patented by Nilfisk, offers the operator a
wide field of vision, allowing him to control all functions without
the need to dismount from the machine. Other features are also
critical, such as accessible controls, easy to drive steering wheel
and adjustable driving seats. Prioritising safety and user
friendliness is our primary concern when developing new
cleaning solutions.
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