SDR Facility Solutions Coop Catalog - Page 799

Overview of accessoris
Cylindrical brush
For uneven floors, such as
ceramics anti-slip floors (various
models are available)
Used on uneven floors when
debris collection is not needed
(various models are available)
Pad holder
Used for pads
Various pads are available
Black & brown: Heavy-duty
Green & blue: Medium-duty
Red: Light-duty
Splash guard kit
Prevents the water from
splashing on to the brush deck.
Enables the squeege to
recollect all water
Beacon kit
Used on a ride-on scrubber/dryer
particularly in industry to warn
about the presence of the
Kit, vacuum motor
Allows squeegee better suction.
Particularly useful when 100%
recollection of water is needed
Kit, grammer seat
Better comfort to the operator
Onboard filling hose
Makes it easy to refill the
machine anywhere
Various squeegee blade materials
are available depending on the
application and on the duty; gum,
red gum and polyurethane
Wand kit
Allows the operator to clean
difficult to reach areas
On board charger
Ecoflex chemical kit
Ecoflex allows full control of the detergent to be used, less risk
of damaging the floors due to overdosage, flexibility in the detergent
selection (available for traction scrubber dryes and combi machines)

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