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Eco Brilliance Pads
– renovate floors in four easy steps
With the Nilfisk Eco Brilliance pad system you can renovate your floor during daily cleaning.
Use 4 pads in 4 steps to achieve a clean and shiny floor. The 4 steps have to be repeated in
the same way and correct order to achieve perfect results.
The 4 pad system can also be used to intensively renovate floors but this will increase the downtime of the surface. Before renovating a floor
consider the daily traffic in the area. If daily traffic is high you consider how shiny the floor needs to be, as higher shine floors require extra
Better results
The Nilfisk Eco Brilliance pad not only saves time, but is environmentally friendly and gives a better result compared to traditional pads.
The method was developed for soft stone or concrete floors, but it
also gives an excellent result on other floor types, such as plastic and
linoleum and polished surfaces. It is best-suited to shops, foyers and
other heavy traffic which require not just cleanliness, but also a shiny,
attractive surface.
The environment and result
The combination of pads and clean water give perfect cleaning results
and minimise residues. In heavily soiled areas or production zones,
detergent can be added if required. Almost all Nilfisk scrubber
dryers can be fitted with the Ecoflex dosing system for nonchemical
cleaning, allowing the addition of detergent as required.
• Renovates old and worn floors and restores shine.
• Brings floor restoration to a more economical level.
• Simple system for renovating floors during daily cleaning.
• Buffs floors to the desired shine.
How to get clean shiny floores
To get clean shiny floors the 4 different pads should be used in 4
steps renovating your floors. Starting with the step 1 red pad it needs
to pass the same surface between 6 to 10 times depending on the
floor condition before moving to the next step. All steps need to be
done with water and the water needs to be removed between every
step. For renovating large areas a scrubber drier is recommended but
if the surface is smaller a single disc together with a wet vac can do
the job fast and easy. This is also a fast way to make a demonstration
on a small surface to confirm which result can be achieved.
Need a high gloss?
If a high gloss floor is preferred the step 4 green pad can be used dry
with a burnisher or high speed single disc machine with 300- 2000
This will give an easy to clean surface with very high shine.
To preserve this level daily maintenance may need to be increased
depending on daily traffic.
Use the red pad to remove old and worn
surfaces, leaving a clean matt finish.
Use yellow pad for daily cleaning which removes
dirt and scratches, leaving a satin surface which
is easy to keep clean. The renovation can stop
here but continue to use the yellow pad in the
daily cleaning to preserve this condition of the
Use the blue pad to prepare the surface
still leaving a clean but less matt finish.
Use the green pad for daily cleaning which
removes dirt and scratches, leaving a shiny
For high gloss the green pad can be used dry
on a high speed burnisher or a high speed single
disc machine depending on floor type. This high
shine can require extra work to be maintained if
the daily traffic of the area is high.
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