SDR Facility Solutions Coop Catalog - Page 814

Overview of accessories
Main broom natural
Excellent material for dust control and
sweeping fine debris, but has a relatively
shorter wear life than other materials.
Main broom PPL + steel
Popular for use to sweep both indoors and outdoors
Main broom ppL
Superior pickup of sand, gravel and litter. Less
aggressive on the floor compared to the PPL+STEEL
Solid, Super elastic tires
Can not puncture, mostly used in industry with
metal chips or nails
Suspension seat
Comfortable seat with
adjustable suspension based on
operator’s weight
Litter vac
Suitable for cleaning hard to
reach spots like dock plates,
under steps or shelving etc.
Front corner guards
Protect the front of the
Working light rear
Working light front
The front and rear lights provide
light on focused areas where the
headlights do not reach
Overhead guard
For additional operator safety,
especially in warehouses and
DustGuard TM kit
To control air borne dust on the
side broom/s
Raised air intake
Elevates engine air intake level .
Used in very dusty applications
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