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Outdoor Multifunction Machines
Quality solutions for outdoor cleaning and maintenance
Nilfisk offers a full range of highly efficient outdoor cleaning
and maintenance machines. Our machines can be matched
to your capacity requirements within the 4 main operational
areas. Whether you do green care, winter assignments, outdoor
sweeping tasks or street washing, our Rangers offer you a
Versatile Outdoor Rangers
Park Ranger 2150, City Ranger 2250, City Ranger 3070,
City Ranger 3500 and City Ranger 3570 have been developed
in close collaboration with our customers, with the will to create:
All year multipurpose machines ready to fulfill all the outdoor
needs within suction sweeping, street washing, green care assignments and winter maintenance.
The customers made uncompromising high demands on:
• Maneuverability
• Efficiency
• Versatility (throughout the year)
• Quick shift between attachments
• Good view over the attachments
• Reliability and rentability concerning investment and
flexible 4-in-1 solution when you need versatility in machines
and attachments. We continually strive to develop purposemade solutions, built and designed exactly to meet our
customers´ needs and demands.
The combination of hydraulics and the compact construction
has resulted in flexible and powerful machines. One and the
same basic unit operates effectively even on the narrowest
places with the different attachments throughout the year.
The high level of utilization - 365 days a year in practice combined with a remarkable reliability makes the Nilfisk
Outdoor utility machines particularly cost-effective and a
good investment, which ensure maintaining outdoor areas
at a competitive square metre price.
Please see more information about outdoor machines on
SDR Facility Solutions

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