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City Ranger 3070 - Outdoor rangers
Quiet conqueror of the inner city

Lowest noise level in machine class - 69 dB(A)
Impressive maneuverability in confined spaces - 825 mm turning radius
High productivity and power - 4 wheel drive and 67 HP
User-friendly Quick-shift system - below 1-2 minutes
ECO mode function for reduced noise level and fuel consumption
Unique engine compartment and cooling
Full 360 degree panoramic view for operator
Maximum operator comfort - A/C as standard
Highly comfortable air suspended and heated driver seat
Transport speed 40 km/h
The City Ranger 3070 is the latest addition to the Nilfisk Outdoor product range. It has a high power and is low
in weight. Furthermore, it has an extreme agility with an inside turning radius of only 825 mm, which is unique
within the machine class. The exceptional maneuverability can be used very efficiently when cleaning or
maintaining narrow areas within the city. In this way, the City Ranger 3070 can both get into confined spaces
and still keep a great working area overall due to the large capacity and power. Additionally, the Quick-shift of
attachments within 1-2 minutes makes the City Ranger 3070 suited for multipurpose tasks, but remaining the
power and agility as a dedicated machine.
Combined with a silent appearance of only 69 dB(A) and an ECO mode function the machine is designed for the
inner city. It is an excellent suction sweeper, can be a powerful winter maintenance machine as well or an effective green care machine due to the light weight and strength. The City Ranger 3070 is easy to operate and has a
spacious and comfortable cabin equipped with A/C as standard and multi-adjustable settings.
Attachment programme:
Suction sweeper, 2, 3 or 4 brushes, Wander hose, High-pressure cleaner, Weed brush, Rotary mower, Grass
collector, Snow sweeper, Snow plough, Snow V-blade and Salt and sand spreader.
City Ranger 3070
Engine power source
Diesel 50 kW (67 HP)
Max. speed (km/h)
Working width w/ 2 brushes (mm) (hard hit 1300 mm)
Working width w/ 3 brushes (mm)
Working width w/ 4 brushes (mm)
Max. climbing rate (%)
Water tank capacity (l)
Hopper volume (l)
Height basic machine (mm)
Dimensions (L x B x H) (mm)
Weight basic machine w/ fuel (kg)
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