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BextSpot Pro®
Carpet Spot Cleaning System

4.5 inch cleaning path
1 gallon easy-fill solution tank
1 gallon recovery tank
Powerful 30 PSI pump aids in deep
cleaning spots
4.5 inch clear hand tool to view soil
removal with 8 foot hose
Removable recovery tank for easy
dumping and cleaning
Optional 8 inch wand, or 15 foot
solution and vacuum hoses
Compact and lightweight
Built-in transport wheels
Clean Track® 12
Compact Extractor

12 inch cleaning path
5 gallon solution tank
4 gallon recovery tank
1.2 hp, 2-stage vac motor
25 foot safety yellow power cord
Compact, yet professional grade
Ergonomically designed control handle
Laminar flow vacuum shoe recovers
moisture effectively
• Easy to fill and clean
Heated Portable Extractor
Portable Extractors

12 gallon solution tank
10 gallon recovery tank
15 foot vacuum and solution hoses
Instant 212º F heat at the wand tip
Dual 5.7 inch, 3-stage vacuum
50-500 psi
AquaWand™ standard
Roller handles for easy loading
Upright dolly design for easy stair climbing
Wand caddy for easy transport
Low solution filling area for easy filling
Low noise day-time-quiet operation
Low moisture design
EX20™ 100H

12.5 gallon solution tank
11 gallon recovery tank
15 foot vacuum and solution hoses
212º F heat at the wand tip
(100SC & 100H)
Cold water extractor (100C)
Single 5.7 inch, 3-stage vacuum
12 inch stainless steel scrub wand standard
AquaWand™ optional upgrade
Unique transport handle design
Handle on top of the tank
Wand caddy for easy transport
Oversized, rubber grip rear wheels
Two front panel roller wheels assist in
Extension cord wraps
SDR Facility Solutions

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