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As a whole, the GPS is not a clinically curated list
The GPS does not include SNOMED CT relationships, attributes,
hierarchies and historical versioning that are fundamental to the nature
of the ontology and its ability to enable clinical data analytics, decision
support, etc. The complete set of concept synonyms and definitions are
not part of the GPS.
DISCLAIMER: All persons and events depicted throughout the GPS scenarios are fictional. Any
resemblance to actual persons or events is coincidental.
For more information, visit SNOMED
International’s GPS information page or write to
us at
Global Patient Set
Delivered By SNOMED International
SNOMED International has
introduced the Global Patient Set
(GPS) to support the sharing of
patient health information coded
with SNOMED CT without the need
for a SNOMED International license.
The GPS is
a managed list of:
existing SNOMED CT
unique identifiers,
fully specified names
SNOMED International
1 Kingdom Place, Paddington
London, United Kingdom
SNOMED International is
releasing the GPS to enable
use of structured clinical
data without barriers, thus
supporting preferred conditions for
Tel: +44 (0)203 755 0974
For some users, it may provide a starting point
for migration to the use of SNOMED CT. For
countries considering Membership in SNOMED
preferred terms in
international English,
status flags.
The GPS supports
health information
interoperability across
care settings, systems,
organizations and
national borders at no
cost to users.


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