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SW9 Community Housing
Annual Report 2018/19
Our 2018/19 objective
Contribute to the development of our community with the support
of our parent, Network Homes, and where possible provide
opportunities for residents to help meet their non-housing needs
and to participate in the decision making process.
Delroy Rankin, Executive Director:
“We are incredibly lucky to receive continued
investment and support from our parent
organisation, Network Homes. The regeneration
of the Stockwell Park Estate continues apace
because of this long standing partnership and
commitment. Making sure that this relationship is
maintained, and promises are delivered upon, is
one of the most important things we do at SW9
because it’s what guarantees the future of our
New developments
already completed
The former Stockwell Park Day Centre has been
under construction since June 2017.
18 affordable rented units (one and two bed including
two wheelchair units) will replace the site, with new
landscaping surrounds, bike racks and electrical car
charging points also being installed.
When the project is complete - currently due
early 2020 - Network Homes will work with SW9
Community Housing and Lambeth Council to
nominate local authority residents for the new homes.
Into the future: new homes, new facilities
Number of new
homes to be
delivered on the
Thrayle House site
The Stockwell Park Day
Centre regeneration
“We want our estate (and surrounding street
properties) to not just be a place where people
live, but a place that they are proud to call their
home. The next financial year will build on this as
we continue working with Network Homes to not
only deliver new homes, but also new facilities
that can be used by both our residents and the
surrounding community.”
This promises to be an exciting new facility for the
estate. As well as offering a space for the graffiti art
that it has rightly become famous for throughout the
world, it will also have the capacity to be used for
£ invested in the
Stockwell Park Estate
in the last 10 years
“The investment in the estate has always been
about much more than just bricks and mortar.
It’s about investing in our residents and creating
pleasant and welcoming outside areas while
supporting people to pursue new opportunities.
In line with the important feedback you gave us during
the consultation period, 2019/20 will see the relaunch
of the Stockwell Park Estate graffiti space, now called
the Stockwell Hall of Fame.
In numbers
community art, sport, events and even outdoor film
On top of this the new financial year will also see the
new Thrayle House reaching completion, delivering
177 new homes for our community.
Regular updates on the regeneration can be found in
issues of the SW9 newsletter, Our Community News.
The Network Homes Regeneration Team are proud
to be working with Kingsbury Construction on another
project and are delighted at their brilliant scores from
the Considerate Constructors Scheme for their work
onsite and in the local area.
In addition, Kingsbury have also employed a local
resident as an apprentice and often support the
Network Homes team with charitable efforts and
community events.
SW9 Community Housing


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