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SW9 Community Housing
Annual Report 2018/19
Our mission
SW9 in numbers
Our 2018/19 objectives:
• Provide high quality housing services to our customers
• Manage the housing stock and associated assets effectively, and to high
standards for the comfort, safety and benefit of our residents and for the
well-being of the community as a whole
• Demonstrate high standards of governance and business effectiveness
through scrutiny and due diligence by the board of management
• Make SW9 a great place to work by valuing our staff through recognition,
training, development, coaching and leadership
• Contribute to sustainable tenancies through the support and advice we
provide to tenants, in particular with regard to the impact of universal credit
• Contribute to the development of our community with the support of our
parent, Network Homes, and where possible provide opportunities for
residents to help meet their non-housing needs and to participate in the
decision making process
Your team for the coming year
Contact us
Welcome to our Annual Report
2018/19, a record of SW9 Community
Housing’s third year delivering for
residents in Stockwell Park.
Our way of working in partnership with
residents and Network Homes is unique,
and it’s written in our rules that tenants
and leaseholders will always be the
largest group on our Board and that our
Chair and Vice-Chair will be residents.
In the coming months we look forward
to welcoming many new residents
to the SW9 Community, as Network
Homes deliver new homes at Thrayle
House, Tyler House and beyond. As our
community grows and strengthens, my
message to new and existing residents
is simple: ‘Get involved!’ We all have an
opportunity to influence how things are
done at SW9, ensuring our community
and residents remain always at our
Thank you to Delroy and all of the SW9
staff, our involved residents, my Board
colleagues and to everyone at Network
Homes for helping to deliver another
year of improvements in SW9.
I look forward to working with everyone
to deliver more excellent services and
opportunities for residents in 2019/20
and beyond.
Dee Alapafuja
Board Chair
SW9 Community Housing
We are now approaching the final
phases of the regeneration of
Stockwell Park.
It’s been another great 12 months
for the partnership between Network
Homes and SW9 Community Housing.
The new homes and commercial spaces
are being completed and, along with
them, new community facilities that I
hope will make Stockwell Park a place
people are proud to call their home for
generations to come.
We’ve seen great progress made in
the delivery of new homes, which
will help us in our goal of opening up
possibilities for as many people as we
can by building, renting and managing
good homes in thriving communities.
We’ve invested nearly £175m in the
Stockwell Park Estate and some
surrounding properties, building new
homes and community spaces, and
refurbishing existing homes too!
I know that as an organisation we have
also had to make changes in the way
we work to ensure we are in the best
position to deliver for our residents into
the future.
Preparing to take on a new repairs
contractor - Chigwell (London) Ltd while undergoing a staff restructure have
all been particular challenges in the last
12 months. We are incredibly fortunate
to have a committed resident-led Board
in place that have helped steer us
through these choppy waters.
We’re glad to hear your thoughts on
what’s happening in Stockwell and
hope you’re pleased with your home
and community spaces.
Helen Evans
Chief Executive
Network Homes
I am incredibly proud of the changes that
have already taken place, particularly as
I celebrated my 20th year of working for
the residents of Stockwell Park this year.
The transformation of the community in
recent times is the result of commitment
and hard work from residents, Board
members, staff and our partner Network
Homes. I look forward to delivering
even more in the next financial year.
Delroy Rankin
Executive Director
SW9 Community Housing
SW9 Community Housing


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