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SW9 Community Housing
Annual Report 2018/19
Our 2018/19 objective
In numbers
Provide high quality housing services to our customers.
Julie Alexander, Head of Housing and Business
Support: “Providing high quality housing services
for our residents is the reason SW9 exists. At the
very core of the organisation is the provision of
local housing services in areas such as supported
housing, the letting of empty properties, complaints,
resident engagement and dealing with anti-social
behaviour issues.
Satisfaction with how
a call is dealt with
(Customer Services
“With such a big team delivering such an array
of services, sometimes it can be difficult to get
everything right first time. However, we are confident
that – as the results of our third year show – we are
making great strides in the right direction.
Up 13% from 2017/18 (83%)
“The housing team know that organisations such as
SW9 are not just dealing with buildings. We deal with
homes and the people who live in them. We have
always taken a very broad approach to the notion of
community and believe that it is not defined by tenure
type. Together we want to make the Stockwell Park
Estate and surrounding street properties a great
place to live – for everyone.”
How do we compare?
Average re-let time – general needs homes.
32.37 days
Peer Group
New tenant visits
completed within
6 weeks
Down 15% from 2017/18
Up 7% on 2017/18 (93%)
A new view – 5 minutes with Ramone
Gordon, Receptionist / Administrative
Into the future:
an improving team
The Housing and Business Support team at
SW9 is the largest in the organisation.
25.4 days
Stage 1 complaints
responded to within
10 days
In last year’s annual report we promised to make
our front line staff as good as they can possibly
be. In 2019/20 we will continue with this work,
completing the staff restructure so that we have
the right people in the right roles and delivering
great services to you, our residents.
We know that getting it right first time has been
difficult in the past, but we are committed to
having a team in place that can deal effectively
and empathetically with your issues, finding
solutions and allowing you to enjoy your home
and community.
Ramone has recently joined SW9 in the important frontline role of
receptionist in the office.
Tell us a bit about your role at SW9…
As a Receptionist / Administrative Assistant I make sure the reception
area is as informative and accessible as possible for residents. I also
ensure that smooth communication is achieved between residents and
staff in the office.
What do you enjoy about the job?
I enjoy the fact that no two days are the same! The residents have been
very warm and open to seeing a new face in reception, which helps a
lot. More than anything I enjoy seeing Brixton morph into an even more
vibrant community with an eclectic mix of characters.
Tell us a bit about yourself…
Prior to working at SW9, I also worked in Residential Property
Management which has given me a great working knowledge in the
basics of housing. In the future I would like to be a part of some great
projects that increase housing and jobs within the local community.
SW9 Community Housing
And finally…
Thank you to everyone from
SW9 and to the residents! You’ve
been genuine and encouraging
to me despite the difficulties we
sometimes face.


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