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Now this is important… After you complete all of
the planning worksheets for your room design
and are ready to shop for items for your room,
take your Designer in a Binder with you. TAKE IT
Why? Because it is designed, in part, to help you
save money and time! If you wander into Target
or HomeGoods without your binder, there’s a
good chance you’ll see something for your room
that you think is perfect, only to get it home and
realize it doesn’t work at all. Maybe the scale is
all wrong. Maybe the color is off. But it has to go
back to the store. Sigh.
You can avoid those types of frustrations by
taking your Designer in a Binder with you! You
will always have your room measurements with
you. You will have your paint chips and your
fabric samples. You have photos of any crucial
elements that won’t fit in your binder. If you see
something that you think is perfect, you will have
all the information right there at your fingertips
to determine if you are right. Check the color,
scale, pattern and size before you even make the
I’m happy to take my Designer in a Binder with
me whenever I know I am going shopping for a
room in my home, but I may be in the minority
of people that just doesn’t go on spontaneous
shopping trips. If you think you may want to pop
into a store randomly as you work on your design
plan, then you may find it easier to just keep it in
your car so that you never forget it.
Whatever it takes, just be sure your Designer
in a Binder becomes your constant shopping
assistant. It will be one of the best things you
ever do for your wallet and sanity (I loathe having
to wait in line just to return items)!
Phew… Okay, now that you understand what is
included in Designer in a Binder and you know
how to use it, let’s jump into the actual design
process. Wooo hooo!

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