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choosing colors for
your room.
Step 1: Decide on the “crucial
element” for the room.
I recommend deciding on a rug, wallpaper,
curtains, a piece of art or an upholstered piece
of furniture for this step.
Find the one thing that makes your heart go
pitter patter and make that the jumping off
point of the room.
Then you must actually purchase it! You don’t
want to design your room around something
that you later learn is no longer available.
I designed our entire dining room around fabric
that I found for the curtains. I designed my entire
home office around an art print that I fell in love
I designed our outdoor space around a rug. Just
find something that you cannot live without and
go with it.
Many people make the mistake of picking paint
colors first, but it is much, much easier to choose
a paint color based on a “crucial element” than
it is to find elements that compliment a paint
color you slapped up on your walls. Promise.
Unless you are going for an all-neutral room, it is
ideal if the piece that you choose has a pattern
and multiple colors, because that will help you
with the next step.
Print off a picture or fabric sample of your “crucial
element” and put it in one of your clear pouches.

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