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In my upcoming guest room makeover, I found
this colorful fabric on clearance and knew it was
my crucial element. But this time, it will be in the
form of a large pillow for the bed. Even though a
pillow is small in scale, this fabric is my jumping
off point for the whole room!
Step 3: Choose your paint color(s).
If you plan to paint, now, and only now, you are
ready to look at paint samples for your wall color.
The most important paint colors on any given
swatch are the darkest hues. Why? Because the
darkest hue will give you an idea of the true color
undertones that will show up even in the lighter
hues when they are on your wall, but are less
obvious on a tiny paint swatch.
Trust me. Once even the lighter hues are painted
on a wall, the true undertones, which are most
visible in the darker hues, will show up and you
won’t like it!
See how in the photo below all of the light hues
on the paint swatch cards look really similar?
But if you look at the darkest hues on the cards,
chances are there are some that you think,
“there’s NO WAY I would paint that on my walls!”
Well, if you react that way to the darkest hue on
the card, do not use any of the hues on the card.

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