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If you still feel a bit uncertain when it comes
to mixing patterns, my best advice is go fabric
shopping online! If you can find one fabric you
really love, there is a good chance that fabrics
that coordinate well with it will show up as if by
magic. I love using for that reason.
Below is a perfect example. If you find a fabric
you love, scroll down below it to see if any
“coordinating fabrics” pop up. How handy is that?
Even if you do not actually plan to make your
pillows, curtains, etc. yourself, you can still learn
a lot about mixing patterns just by searching
online fabric stores.
7) Include some solids- There is such a thing as
too much pattern! The best way to avoid going
overboard with patterns is to use them along
with solids throughout your room.
So, if you have a pattern on your sofa upholstery,
consider adding some throw pillows that are
solids. If your sofa is a solid fabric or is leather, then
you can probably get away with all patterned
throw pillows (like I did in my family room).
You can see in the photo of my daughter’s room
that has A LOT of patterns in it that I opted for
solid bedding and curtains to frame her bed
nook. Those solids help balance out all of the
pattern in the room.
When you find some combinations that you like,
print them off and put them in your binder so
that they can serve as guidance for you as you
shop for pre-made items in stores.

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