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set your budget
hiring professionals
It’s time to set a budget. I know it’s not the most
fun or exciting part of a home design project,
but it is a really important step because it will
help you prioritize your goals for the room.
Even as an avid DIYer, there are sometimes
renovation jobs that I cannot, or do not want
to, do myself. I discovered that keeping track of
professional quotes is a must. This is particularly
true since some quotes will come in person,
others by phone and still others by email. Taking
just a few minutes to track the quotes as they
come in will save you time and frustration.
More importantly, it will make you think about
expenses that may not have occurred to you
otherwise so that you can plan for them in
advance and keep you safely in the zone of
spending only what you can afford to spend.
I recommend deciding on your TOTAL budget
first. Then work backwards to decide how
much you are willing to spend on the various
components of your room. This is a really helpful
You may initially think you are going to replace
the flooring in your room, but after working
through the budget, you may conclude that you
can live with your current carpet a few more
years in order to afford the new sofa you want.
Use the “Budget Planning Worksheet” to plan
out the budget for the room you are working on.
Use the “Professional Quotes Tracker” worksheet
to transfer any portion of your project that you
will need to hire out. Also use it to keep track
of quotes that you gather. Be sure to also note
the date that the professional can begin the
work and/or the estimated completion date.
And always, always, always ask if they offer any
kind of warranty on the materials and/or service
they will be providing. I also always ask if they are
bonded and insured.
Use the “Professionals Hired” worksheet to keep
their information handy while your design job
is in process and for down the road in case you
have any problems arise with the work that was

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