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Then, grab some scissors and cut out the furniture
pieces that are included in this workbook. If you
have kids, get them to help. You’ll only have to cut
them out once. If you want to make it even easier
on yourself, have the paper laminated before you
cut them out. It will make them easier to cut out
and they will last longer!
The final step is to play around with furniture
placement. This is one of the most helpful things
you can do when coming up with the perfect
design plan.
These are all things you need to consider BEFORE
you start making purchases for your room. You
don’t want to purchase a huge couch and two
arm chairs for your room only to realize they just
don’t fit properly after you haul them home or
have them delivered.
On paper, it becomes easy to see if a love seat
will fit in the space far better than a full-sized
sofa. And you can play around with different
layouts and options without dealing with returns
of purchases that don’t work and/or the manual
labor required to haul heavy furniture around.
That means it is time for you to use your “Space
Planning Kit” that is included. On one of the
pieces of graph paper, I want you to draw out
your room. This isn’t hard, I promise. All you have
to do is measure your walls, windows and any
door openings and draw straight lines on graph
paper. I PROMISE you can do this. The graph
paper uses a 1/4 inch (one square) = 1 foot. So, if
your room is 16 feet long, that would translate to
16 squares on the graph paper. Easy peasy.
Use the “Space Planning Kit” to create a space
plan for your room. Have fun with this step. It
SHOULD be fun! Oh, and after you cut out all of
your furniture pieces, be sure to place them in
one of your clear zipper pouches so that you can
use them over and over again for future projects!
Then use the “Items to Purchase” worksheet to
make a list of everything you need to buy for your
space, noting any size limitations, etc.

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