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master to-do list and project timeline
Interior designers do not just “wing it” when it
comes to the timing of their projects. Could you
imagine if they said to a client, “I’m not really
sure how long all of this is going to take. We’re
just going to wing it.” Nope.
Designers work within a project timeline and
from a master list of everything that needs to
happen in the space. And you should do the
same thing.
Begin by creating a master “to-do list” of
everything that needs to happen in the space.
Take some time to think about the order in
which the tasks need to be completed.
For example, if you need to rip out carpet and
install new flooring, you may want to paint the
walls before you rip out the carpet so you do
not have to worry about drips or spills. Use the
“Master To-Do List” worksheet(s) to complete this
Once you have completed your master to-do list,
create a timeline for your project. You need to
set yourself a goal for when you would like to
complete your project. Why?
“Goals cannot be vague. Vague goals are not
goals; they are dreams and wishes, and you don’t
want to end up being one of those dreamers who
do nothing…Properly set goals can be put on the
front of your refrigerator or on the whiteboard
at the office, giving all who see them the ability
to measure your progress. Measurable progress
is called traction. When you can observe your
movement toward your goals, it pumps you up.”
- Dave Ramsey, EntreLeadership
Seriously, set yourself a goal for when you want
your room design completed. And then hold
yourself to it. I’ve never met anyone who regrets
completing their dream room design too soon,
but have met countless people who say, “I wish
we had done this sooner.”

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