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keeping track for the future
Oh, how I wish I had created this workbook years
ago for my own use! You see, it took me a long
time to figure out that I needed to keep track
of all of my paint colors and material choices
because you never know when you are going to
need that information!
There will come a time when you accidentally
break a single tile and realize, you have no
record of what tile you used, the name of the
manufacturer, the color name, etc. And guess
what that means? You won’t be able to find a
perfect match and your replacement tile will
stick out like a sore thumb.
Keeping track of paint and materials used by
professionals you hire is crucial! We have painted
99% of all the rooms in our homes (past and current)
ourselves, but we hired a professional painter to
paint the two-story foyer in our current home.
I gave him the paint swatch and, to my surprise,
he had it color-matched in a different brand of
paint. That would not have been an issue, but
when he finished the job, there was literally no
paint left. The can was bone dry. So, I threw it
away without writing down the color match
formula or the manufacturer of the paint.
Fast forward 3 years when I needed to do some
touch up painting in the foyer. I recalled the
name of the color, and had some mixed up by
the manufacturer of that color thinking it would
be no problem that my painter used a different
Well, it was a problem. The color was very, very
close, but the touch-up spots did not blend in
perfectly. Long story short, I had to repaint an
entire wall. Here’s to hoping none of the other 3
walls in the foyer ever need touching up, because
I’ll have to repaint them as well.
So, please use the “Design Archives” worksheets
to keep track of paint colors and other material
choices. You will be so glad you did!

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