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Associate Member Advisory
Bruce Spracklen, Beyond Engineering and Testing, LLC – Chair
Glynn Forshage, Foremost Paving, Inc. – Board Member
Emily Adams, TXAPA Staff
2019 saw the Associate Members host the wildly successful
Managing Asphalt Pavements (MAPS) Conference and
Technology Showcase for Cities and Counties. Spearheaded
by 2018 Chair Kyle Riggs, MAPS 2019 took place in Grapevine,
Texas, and attracted more than 300 attendees with the help of
Bruce Spracklen, 2018 Vice-Chair and 2019 Chair of the Associate
Member Advisory Committee, and Kirby-Smith representatives
Sol Gieser and Gary Corley. With the goal of building on the
success of the first conference, the Associate Member Advisory
Committee started planning early for MAPS 2020, which is set
to take place in San Marcos, Texas, February 12-13, 2020, with
more than 15 exhibitors from the TXAPA membership already
committed. In 2019, the Associate Members also worked to
recruit new Associate Members and raise funds for the TXAPA
Scholarship Program.
Major Associate Member
Matt Rooker, Rooker Asphalt Company – Chair
Albert Schlather, Hunter Industries, Ltd. – Board Member
Harold Mullen, TXAPA Staff
If there was a theme for this year’s Major Associate Member
Advisory Committee, it was strengthening the committee’s
relationship with TxDOT. Chair Matt Rooker of Rooker Asphalt
Company was proactive in inviting TxDOT to be more involved with
the committee, intentionally creating a forum for the Department
to openly share issues and changes on the horizon. Rather than
reacting to information after the fact, the committee met as
needed, fostering nimble communication and collaboration. One
of the first successes of 2019 involved the committee’s response
to TxDOT’s requiring the use of Multiple Stress Creep Recovery
2019 Annual Report
(MSCR) as a screening test for Elastic Recovery. The committee
was concerned that the requirement was too stringent and not
appropriate for all materials. As a result, MSCR will be used as a
screen test, but if the sample fails, an Elastic Recovery (ductility
bath) test will be performed. TxDOT is conducting more testing
until MSCR completely replaces the Elastic Recovery test. Another
big win for the Major Associates in 2019 involved the possibility of
eliminating the use of Re-refined Engine Oil Bottoms, or REOBS.
TxDOT and the committee met at the TXAPA Annual Meeting in
September and discussed at length eliminating the use of REOBs
from all liquid asphalts. No final decision has been made by TxDOT,
but most members agreed to move forward with this proposal. The
committee and TxDOT also tackled quality control at the terminal.
TxDOT will send an employee or third-party representative to
witness sampling and, in addition, producers will be required to
submit an updated quality control plan. This will begin in Fiscal
Year 2020. In other news, TxDOT is still researching and gathering
data regarding Delta TC and is moving towards implementing this
test in the specifications.
Environmental Health and Safety
Gary Nicholls, Westward Environmental, Inc. – Chair
Eric Suarez, Primoris Heavy Civil – Board Member
Emily Adams, TXAPA Staff
The Environmental Health and Safety Committee continued
its mission to educate and inform in 2019, with several asphalt
plant site visits for personnel from the Texas Commission for
Environmental Quality. The tours are designed to educate
the regulators responsible for reviewing permits for asphalt
plants, most of whom are unfamiliar with them. The site tours
give permit reviewers the ability to see plant operations and
experience their cleanliness and efficiency firsthand. In addition,
the committee continued to provide a quarterly submission
to Texas Asphalt magazine. The articles focused on marijuana
legalization and the issues potentially facing employers and
employees as health options expand to include medicinal
marijuana and CBD-based products.

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