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Professional Engineering
Services Committee
Catherine Hejl, HNTB – Chair
Jake Parson, Texas Materials - A CRH Company – Board Member
Emily Adams, TXAPA Staff
The Professional Engineering Services Committee has long believed that
communication and education are essential for quality asphalt pavements. In
2019, Chair Catherine Hejl of HNTB took a personal approach by applying the
committee’s philosophies to her own work. As a project manager for a consulting
engineering firm, Hejl has kicked off her last three projects by meeting directly
with the contractor in “Get to Know You” meetings. She reports that these
meetings have been extremely helpful in establishing the communications
processes from the beginning. On the education front, a joint effort of TxDOT, CEI,
Industry, and Academia is developing a series of workshops aimed at improving
the quality of asphalt pavements. Two steering committees were formed, and an
outline for an Engineering, Inspection, Plant, and Roadway Program consisting
of four courses was developed through Jon Epps (TTI). TXAPA hired Jim Warren
in September as TXAPA’s Director of Engineering and Technology to lead the
development effort with additional input from TXAPA’s Chuck Fuller and Larry
Welch. The steering committees have provided valuable input and insight to the
courses, now referred to as the Texas Asphalt Pavement Quality Initiative. The
courses are tentatively scheduled for March/April 2020 at the TXAPA Campus
in Buda. And finally, TxDOT has established a vigorous QAP program. For every
single project, the CEI must submit their certified personnel within 10 days.
Specifications and Test
Procedures Committee
Eric Johnson, Austin Bridge & Road, LP – Chair
Mark Miller, Big Creek Construction – Board Member
Corey Schwarz, TXAPA Staff
The Specification and Test Procedures Committee had only one goal in 2019, but
it was a big one: making industry aware of updates or revisions to some-odd
90 specifications and test procedures. In pursuit of the goal, TXAPA hosted a
series of webinars with Ryan Barborak,TxDOT at the beginning of the year to give
TXAPA members an opportunity to review and comment on the rough drafts. The
changes have since been finalized and will begin to take effect by the February
2020 letting or earlier, at district discretion. TXAPA’s Chuck Fuller and Ryan
Barborak go over the changes in-depth in a series of eight videos available on the
TXAPA website. The videos and related documents were emailed to all members
in early November. Subsequent changes and updates have been sent via email
as TXAPA receives them. All related documents and communications are posted
at TexasAsphalt.org/Specifications and TexasAsphalt.org/Test-Procedures. We
urge all our members to go online and review these documents, watch the videos,
and call or email with questions. As we head into 2020, TXAPA will continue to
help our members understand what changes have been made and how those
changes impact asphalt paving projects in Texas.

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