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Texas Asphalt Pavement Quality Initiatives Committee
Bill Thomas, Angel Brothers Enterprises – Co-chair and Board Member
Michael Lee, TxDOT – Co-chair
Harold Mullen, TXAPA Staff
President Bill Thomas served as co-chair of the Texas Asphalt Pavement Quality Initiatives Committee, along with TxDOT Director of
Engineering and Safety Operations Michael Lee. The committee met monthly and accomplished some important work, including
partnering with TxDOT to develop and implement a new specification paying for tack coat; approving the development and
implementation of a TXAPA-led, all-encompassing educational series for TxDOT and industry; approving the process to develop a
balanced mix design specification and associated research projects to determine whether the specification can meet the needs of
the traveling public; reviewing methods to communicate more consistently including the consolidation of general notes; reviewing
quality control plans and discussing the need for better communication in the pre-paving meeting and post-construction debriefing
process; and reaching agreement that the Materials Academy taught by Texas A&M, University of Texas and TxDOT should be updated
and offered to TxDOT engineers.
Texas Seal Coat Steering Committee
Kevin King, Missouri Petroleum Products, Co., LLC – Co-chair
Michael Lee, TxDOT – Co-chair
Albert Schlather, Hunter Industries, Ltd. – Board Member
Harold Mullen, TXAPA Staff
The Seal Coat Steering Committee charged out of the starting gates in 2018 quickly establishing itself as an effective committee
working throughout the state to improve seal coat quality in Texas. In 2019, the successes kept coming as the committee worked
with Dr. Jon Epps of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute to successfully develop and deliver a five-part regional series of
workshops. Again, working with Dr. Epps and TTI, the committee launched another of its initiatives, the Seal Coat Performance
Improvement Program in December of 2019. The program is a statewide effort to improve the quality of Texas seal coats and is a joint
effort of TxDOT, TXAPA, and the Associated General Contractors. It is designed to help improve the seal coat technical knowledge
base of TxDOT and industry personnel. In addition, each TxDOT District now has designated a Seal Coat Specialist to help focus on
seal coat design, construction, and performance at the local level. Statewide coordination of the seal coat effort is being provided
by TxDOT’s Maintenance Division. The committee had one other important goal in 2019: to choose the winner of the Bob Gallaway
Award. Fittingly, the committee chose Dr. Epps for his dedication to the seal coat initiative and to quality asphalt pavements
throughout his lifetime as an educator and researcher. At the 45TH TXAPA Annual Meeting, Committee Chair Kevin King presented Dr.
Epps with another special accolade, a framed document with the inscription, "With the Highest Respect and Sincere Appreciation,
We Honor Dr. Jon Epps for His Continued Service to the State of Texas and the Texas Seal Coat Industry. His Commitment to "Getting
It Right," and His Lifelong Endeavor to Help Others Exemplify the Spirit in Which We Establish the Dr. Jon. Epps TXAPA/TxDOT Quality
Seal Coat Awards Program."
2019 Annual Report

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