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2019 was a year of incredible growth and change for the Texas Asphalt Pavement Association
and the industry at large. Throughout this report, you will see growth and change reflected in the
impact of our expanded TXAPA Campus, the numerous specification changes and test procedure
updates, new education and training programs, new initiatives and joint committees, and a
growing Association to support it all.
Bill Thomas
Growing Our Footprint
The role of TXAPA’s physical expansion can’t be overemphasized. The Association’s strategic
investment in purchasing and renovating the adjacent property has already enhanced our ability to
host several meetings and events that once would have required us to seek an outside venue with
all the associated expenses. Since its completion in April 2019, the campus has hosted the Annual Strategic Planning Sessions and the
Asphalt Road-eo Student Engineering Competition and has quickly become a hub for meetings with partners such as TxDOT and the
Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI). The campus has also enabled us to better pursue our educational mission, as it will be home
to our Texas Asphalt Pavement Quality Initiative Program and the Seal Coat Improvement Program workshops. The newly remodeled
HMAC has expanded its capacity as well, offering more courses and a new certification program, AGG101. With the new capacity
and programs, the Association has been strategic in growing its personnel with the addition of specialized staff including Director of
Engineering and Technology Jim Warren. Jim is the former Executive Director of the Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida, Inc. He
is mentioned several times in this report, positive proof he is already becoming an invaluable resource for our members.
Angel Brothers Enterprises
2019 TXAPA President
Partnering with TxDOT
The ability to provide a state-of-the-art home in which we can work efficiently and collaboratively has been especially felt in the area
of our partnership with TxDOT. The Association has worked closely with TxDOT throughout a year which has ushered in some very
big changes on the specifications and testing front. There were more than 90 changes to specifications and test procedures handed
down from TxDOT this year and as a member body, we were honored to have our input sought and considered prior to finalizing.
To that end, the achievement I am perhaps most proud of as president is that we now have a Balanced Mix Design Specification.
The Center for Transportation Infrastructure Systems (UT El Paso), the Center for Transportation Research (UT Austin), TTI, and
Ryan Barborak, TxDOT Materials and Tests Division are evaluating 13 test projects, two of which are complete and have met the
requirements for a balanced mix in the design phase. Our Major Associate Members will be happy to know that in working closely with
TxDOT, the complete elimination of Re-refined Engine Oil Bottoms (REOBS) may soon become a reality. TxDOT has also been working
with the Major Associates to thoughtfully implement the requirement of the Multiple Stress Creep Recovery (MSCR) test. Finally, our
joint committees have been very busy this year. We once again saw a very robust TxDOT/TXAPA Quality Asphalt Pavement Awards
Program, and in late 2019, in partnership with TTI and the AGC, TXAPA launched registration for the Seal Coat Improvement Program.
As mentioned above, this program will be fully housed at the TXAPA Campus in Buda, Texas.
Supporting Our Scholarship Program
In 2019, our TXAPA Scholarship Program once again soared to new heights as we exceeded last year’s fundraising by more than 10k
for a total of $527,000. I want to thank Slate Angel and the Scholarship Auction Committee for planning another successful auction,
and offer my heartfelt appreciation to our members for your incredible continued generosity and support. You may not know that a
little more than 20 years ago we held our very first Scholarship Auction. We raised right around $9,000. It is amazing to see how far we
have come! Our past presidents have played a very big role in getting us here, and as a president, I wanted to make my own lasting
contribution to our Scholarship Program fundraising efforts with the newly minted Winter Classic Golf Tournament. If successful, the
tournament will kick off our fundraising every year just prior to our Membership Meeting for many years to come.
2019 Annual Report

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