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Key Takeaways
1. A life well-lived is the ultimate
goal for today’s luxury homeowner.
Consider it the foundational value they have, upon which
care for health, family, learning, doing and working are built
2. Wellness amenities in the home
are increasingly desirable.
This fairly recent development has made for a new level of
excitement and complexity in the home purchase. Learning
about what is available — and what is worth it to have —
are questions buyers are likely to ask.
3. Precious free time is being
committed to wellness activities.
Whether it is a leisure trip or the hour before bed, people
are taking time for self-care, social bonding and feeling at
one with themselves. As people learn more about what
helps them get to a place of relaxation, they will want to
find ways to incorporate it into their daily life.
4. Wellness is about
transformational experiences.
The point of a life well-lived is not to have many luxurious
items and all the hottest brands (for most people, anyway).
It is the extension of life-long learning pointed inward. As
people live longer, they want their mind, body and soul to
operate at peak levels for the long haul.
5. Success breeds stress.
With increased personal and professional success comes
complexities to the management of life. This is especially
true for wealthy home buyers and sellers which can hit a
high point around the sale or a purchase of a new home.
Incorporating elements of wellness for the mind, body
and soul, into every aspect of real estate — even the
transaction itself — will assist with reducing stress for all
parties throughout the process.
Reprinted with permission from Luxury Portfolio International®
and YouGov
Study Methodology
YouGov Affluent Perspective is a global consumer research study
taking place in 26 countries and 5 continents. The research is among
8,200+ consumers in the top 10% or higher in their local economy.
This report is among global luxury homeowners with a primary
residence valued at $1 million USD or more. A total of 1,565
respondents in the YouGov Affluent Perspective 2019 Global study
met this criterion with 861 in the $1 million to $2 million range,
536 in the $2 million to $5 million range and 168 in the $5 million
or more range. The margin of error among luxury homeowners is
±2.5%, at the 95% confidence level
About Luxury Portfolio International®
LPI ( is the luxury marketing division of Leading
Real Estate Companies of the World®, the largest global network
of premier locally branded firms dominated by many of the world’s
most powerful, independent luxury brands. LPI attracts a global
audience of visitors from over 200 countries/territories every month
and markets more than 50,000 luxury homes annually.


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