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42 Frost Fish Hill Road, Chatham,
uying a Cape Cod vacation home is a commitment.
Often, buyers rely on the presence – or absence – of
that special spark when they step into a potential
home. However, during these first few visits, it can be nearly
impossible to pick up on some details that make a vacation
home just right, such as the length of afternoon light in the
back yard, the best route to the beach at high tide, or the
quietness of a neighborhood at night.
There is another option that some savvy buyers have found
beneficial – renting before purchasing.
Renting a home, especially in a particular
neighborhood of interest, is a smart way to
gather critical information. From getting to
know the secrets of local beaches to tapping
into the ebb and flow of a community, renting
allows clients to see how their lifestyle fits into a
particular home or area before buying.
to the Cape because of the promise of sandy beaches and
small-town charm, but deciding which town to settle in can be
tough. Do you prefer the summertime bustle of Falmouth or
the solitude available in Truro? A little first-hand experience
can go a long way.
Kinlin Grover clients Steve Katz and his wife, Victoria, live west
of Boston, and had been renting on the Cape for close to 15
summers. For six of those years, they rented one house in
Sears Point in Brewster that they fell in love with.
“We found ourselves renting for two weeks,
then for three weeks, and then for four weeks
because we realized this was such a special
place,” says Steve Katz. “In the back of my mind,
I was always thinking, if this ever comes up for
sale, it would be my dream home.”
Lucky for Katz, the house came on the market
two years ago and he and his wife purchased
it. The Katzes, who hope to retire in the next
On the Cape, the rental market is competitive,
few years, were initially drawn to the property’s
but also abundant. Seasonal rentals of all shapes
beachside location because they enjoy walking
and sizes are available in almost every corner
along the sand and also launching their kayaks
of the peninsula. Cindy Roth, who manages
from the shore. Katz also discovered a tranquility that has
the Brewster rental market for Kinlin Grover Real Estate, has
been a nice break from the busy pace of the suburbs.
worked with many clients who have rented before officially
putting down roots.
“It’s the one place that I go and feel totally relaxed,” he says. “I
“Trying before you buy just makes sense,” says Roth. “You are
able to get to know the location – how far it is to the water
and what the neighborhood is like. It’s a smart way to go
about purchasing a home.”
Clients who are soon-to-be empty-nesters and are beginning
to dream up where they’d like to spend their retirement can
benefit from this test-drive approach. Many people are called
can sit and look out at the water and it is just so calming.”
As renters, Katz and his wife were able to experience different
neighborhoods and tried some other locations, including
a property off-Cape near Horseneck Beach in Westport.
However, they realized that, in addition to their affinity for the
coastline, they loved the variety of activities available on the


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