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Nativity Ornament Set
The Life
5-inch Real
– Family
23 piece set
The Holy Family traveling from Nazareth to Bethlehem
This unique and beautiful set depicts and celebrates
“La Pasada” – the Christmas tradition of re-enacting
the Holy Family traveling from Nazareth to Bethlehem
and shows Mary radiantly with child. The set is designed so that Mary can be seated atop the donkey or
can be sitting in repose. The set includes the standing
figure of Joseph but for those who already own the
Real Life Nativity (which includes the Joseph figure)
the set can also be purchased with only Mary and the
donkey figures.
Available in two sizes.
To accompany the 7” Real Life Nativity:
Model RLN048: Mary: 4 x 3 x 2 inches,
Donkey: 5½ x 6 x 2½, Joseph: 6½ x 2½ x 1¾ inches
Model RLN075
This 13-piece ornament set adds a great new tradition to trimming the tree. Positioning the kings just
right so they’re following the star, putting the angel
so that he’s just above the shepherds and making
sure the donkey is close to the manger so he can
keep the baby Jesus warm. These ornaments bring
the Nativity story to life. The 13-piece set comes
in a satin lined, heirloom quality wooden chest.
The standing ornaments are approximately 3¾” tall
and the kneeling gures are approximately 2½” tall.
Hand painted resin and includes gold ber hangers.
Nativity House Ornaments
with Flickering Lights
• Set of 3 light weight, bright wooden ornaments each
showing a different nativity scene.
• Battery powered using long lasting LED lights.
• The soft, flickering light silhouettes the painted
and carved wooden scene showing on both sides
of the ornament.
• Light enough (less than 2 ounces) to hang on the tree.
• Large enough to be a beautiful table top display.
• 5¼” tall x 4¼“ wide x 3¼” deep (batteries included)
Model RLN076
Improved Lights
To accompany the 10” Real Life Nativity:
Model RLN049: Mary: 5½ x 3½ x 3 inches,
Donkey: 7½ x 8 x 3½ inches, Joseph: 9½ x 3¼ x 3 inches
Same beautiful, hand-painted detail in a new, smaller size.
and Model
Comes complete with chests of gold, ankincense
of Authenticity
and embossed display card.
7-Day Journey To Christmas
COMPLETE 23 PIECE SET: Includes the lighted stable (measures
12” wide x 7¾” high x 3 1/8” deep.) New, long lasting LED lights use
AAA batteries (included.) Model RLN057
Use your Nativity to Tell
the Christmas Story
The Set includes a set of 7 cards
- athecard for each day in the week
RLN057- Full 23 piece Real Life Nativity set - includes:
to Christmas. Pictures
Holy Family with the baby Jesus able to be placed inleading
manger or in Mary’s arms, the Three Kings, chest of gold,
on the back show how to use your
frankincense and myrrh, the 9” tall Christmas Star,
nativity to set the scene for that
the Angel, standing shepherd holding a lamb, kneeling
day’s part of the Christmas story.
shepherd with sheep, two separate Awassi sheep, three
camels, an ox, a donkey and a 7¼” tall palm tree. The front of each card then
quotes a specific passage high(tallest king, angel.)
lighting that day’s story. A fun
way to prepare for Christmas.

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