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Support and self-discipline
key to being a successful ITC
vice, “and our world class IT
team never misses a day in
creating new and improved
systems for us to offer our
clients better and more costeffective products”. 
“Having the backing of
eTravel is invaluable as we
have an amazing suppor t
team in both the eTravel management and staff but also
the preferred partners, which
gives us an edge in the market,” said Ms. Stockwell.
  For independent consultants, these ITCs offer some
advice. “Keep your head up
and look ahead. Offer your
clients a service that they will
not get anywhere else that
keeps them coming back to
between work and family life
is not difficult for an ITC
ITCs have generally reportif they have self-discipline.
ed a positive 2016 and say
“K nowi ng that you have
support is key in managing
only yourself to rely on is
through heavy workloads
a big wake up call. I have
while remaining flexible and
a home, husband and two
balancing family life.
children that need me to pull
“It has def initely been
my weight, so when I work
an interesting year, with
I apply myself wholly to my
the rand on a yo-yo. Previwork so that I have the time
ous years’ booking patterns
to spend with my family. The
have been non-existent, but
fact that I know I can go
for myself it has still been a
watch my children play sport
busy and productive year,”
and keep them home when
said Tamarin Seymour, Gold
they are sick is a big motivaTravel Counsellor. “My busitor. My clients are also aware
ness is growing year on year
that I am sometimes working
and I have a strong and loyal
from next to the rugby field or
client base.”
on the beach and I think they
Susan Williams-Knill, Surespect that, no matter where
san’s Travel, a Club
I am, I am available to
Travel affiliate, also
them,” Ms. Seymour
“Being an ITC is a privilege. I get to do
had a positive year,
what I love and be flexible… The best
however she believes
“Being an ITC is a
part is that with technology you can
you can never take
privilege. I get to do
work anywhere and anytime.” 
anything for granted.
what I love and be
– Susan Williams-Knill
“This year has been
flexible. Some days I
a good year. I am very lucky you and only you,” said Ms. work from home, some days
that I have fabulous clients, Seymour.
from my office, some days
but that is because I work on Price is important but she from my car. The best part
my relationships with them. emphasised: “We are work- is that with technology you
The harder you work the ing in times where clients can work anywhere and anymore it will pay off.”
want us to know them, know time,” said Ms. Williams “2016 has been a very dif- what they want and like, Knill.
ferent year but a successful know that we will source only Ms. Stockwell reiterated
one,” said Dawn Stockwell, the best for them and they are the need for self-discipline.
Travel the Globe, an eTravel willing to pay for that. Also “One has to be very disciagent. “We have had to work don’t be afraid to tell people plined, as I often find myself
much harder and smarter in what you do and definitely working late and on weekan economically tumultuous don’t undersell yourself… ends as my office is right
our knowledge and expertise there,” said Ms. Stockwell.
Support is key to keeping cannot be bought on the In- Roshnee Govender, Travel
ahead in trying times. “Our ternet.”
Counsellors, agreed: “My
strong support and consist- “The most important thing aim is to complete the majorent innovation from Travel to remember being an ITC is ity of my work before fetchCounsellors is what helps to run your desk like a busi- ing the kids from school…
us stay ahead and continue ness, not like a consultant; if There are also many nights
selling, even in a difficult you can get that balance right when I need to put in extra
market,” said Ms. Seymour. you will do very well,” said hours, however this may only
Travel Cou nsellors offer Ms. Williams-Knill.
be during a very busy pecontinued training and ad- Maintaining the balance riod.”
Travel Counsellors took its top performers on a river cruise from Budapest to Vienna, as
part of the company’s Gold Weekend. Travel Counsellors who had reached Gold status,
reaching commissions of R1,130,736, pictured above celebrating their achievement on
the Jewel Space-Ship (l to r): Peter Higgins; Frikkie Thiron; Jeanne Thirion; Marc De Jager;
Louie Rossouw and Charmaine Higgins.
Suppliers adapt to challenges
of working with independents
SUPPLIERS often find servicing independent consultants more challenging than
high-street agents due to the
private home locations they
are based and the non-traditional working hours that
many follow.   
George A rg y ropoulos,
Cruises International Chief
Executive Officer, said that
in addition to physical barriers, his sales and marketing
team had found there was a
ceiling to the revenue that independent consultants could
reach, as higher sales revenues would require the ITC
to hire staff, purchase additional equipment and move
to larger offices.
Gaynor Neill, Cruise Vacations General Manager,
explained that a good ITC
should not be restricted by
the range of product they
were able to offer to clients
and needed to decide for
themselves where supplier
restrictions should lie.
ITC companies generally
agreed the best method for
tapping into the ITC market
was through strengthening
relationships with their centralised support staff. “Make
sure that the par t nership
with the host company is a
win-win and that it is correctly managed with ongoing
feedback,” said Garth Wolff,
eTravel Chief Executive Officer. Monica Horn, Harvey
World Travel Product Manager, agreed, stating that suppliers should also be open
to assisting telephonically
and via email rather than just
through a face to face visit. 
Andrew Stark, Flight Centre Travel Group Managing
Director, added that suppliers could tailor their product
offerings and services to suit
the ITC’s customer base and
Jo Fraser, Club Travel Franchise Director, maintained
other interactive opportu-
nities to communicate with
ITCs were webinars, indabas
and trade functions.
“We stay in contact with
the consultants via weekly
communications and regular training breakfasts,” said
Annemarie Lexow, Travel
Vision Sales and Marketing
Manager. Mr. Argyropoulos
said Cruises International
offered training modules and
sales support initiatives to
ITCs, in addition to incentives. It has also introduced
a programme coaching ITCs
to become cruise specialist
Ms. Neill explained thatCruise Vacations focused on
building strong relationships
with ITCs and offering them
personalised service. “Part
of our service offering is to
work alongside our ITCs... to
offer specialist training, bespoke client events, personal
consultation with expedition
exper ts and personalised
branded campaigns.”
TIR Southern Africa

December 2016

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