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market intelligence
Britain predicts record arrivals in 2018
Consumer preferences guiding future product development
VISITENGLAND and VisitBritain are tailoring product development and promotion to win more business in the next five to
10 years. 
Overseas visits to the UK are predicted to reach nearly 42
million for the first time this year.
VisitBritain Director Patricia Yates commented: “We are
working with partners across the world to tell customers of
experiences they can only have in Britain and encourage them
to book a trip now…” £40-million has been allocated to ensure
England stays competitive. 
A report by Foresight Factory, the Future Travel Journey,
focused on trends in four areas and stages of travel: inspiration
and pre-planning; the booking process; connected travel and
evolving travel needs. 
Decisions and influences
The report identified solo travel as one of the fastest-growing
categories, while more than half of South Africans surveyed
said they would be interested in a service that suggested a holiday based on their interests and budget.
Agents are being urged to avoid age segmentation and to
target customers built around why they travel.
The majority of travellers surveyed said they liked to immerse themselves in the culture of a destination and feel like a
local. Fewer than 40 percent of South Africans enjoyed watching online videos created by online bloggers. 
The researchers said almost 80 percent of respondents in
South Africa indicated they would like to be able to negotiate
“While travellers are generally thrifty when it comes to
booking flights and other sources of transport, there is a clear
willingness among people to spend more on unique experiences and activities… Seeking value means choosing destinations
which pack in as many great experiences as possible in a single
VisitEngland said that besides the reassurance of traveller
reviews, travel agents, tourism boards, airlines and hotels have
started using virtual reality and other immersive visualisation
to give travellers a clearer idea of what they can expect.
“Genuine, authentic tourism products are preferred...” while
future travellers will prefer tourism products that combine fun
and an opportunity for learning or self-improvement.
The research pointed to questions travel agents and
suppliers frequently ask on behalf of their clients.
* Readers can access
presentation toolkit and read
more about visitor characteristics and behaviour
at visitbritain.org/
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