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Ackert Park 6600 Delmar, North
to Vernon Avenue, linear park with
playground, 3.5 acres, acquired 1967.
Centennial Greenway Delmar to Olive,
2.3 mile trail.
Eastgate Park Northeast corner of
Vernon and Eastgate, playground
and basketball courts, .93 acres, acquired
Joseph L. Adams Park Big Bend, South
of Forsyth, undeveloped green space, 1.6
acres, acquired 1933.
Metcalfe Park Kingsland south of Vernon,
two ball fields and playground, 5.6 acres,
acquired 1955 and 1962.
Millar Park Canton and North and South.
A larger neighborhood park offering a
playground area, picnic pavilion with
restrooms, two baseball diamonds, soccer
and football fields and half-mile jogging trail
with fitness stations,12.19 acres, acquired
Mona Terrace Trail 1100 Groby Rd, .24
mile trail.
Mooney Park Jackson and Delmar
to Amherst, playground and basketball
court, 5.2 acres, acquired 1922,
1923 and 1931.
Fogerty Park Located in the
1500 block of N. 82nd. This large
neighborhood park is ideal for all day
outings. Picnic area has weatherproof
shelter with restrooms. Facilities include
a full size baseball diamond, youth soccer
field, children’s playground, half-mile
jogging trail, 11.80 acres, acquired 1928.
Kaufman Park Bound by Mulberry and
Blackberry, this park has four tennis
courts, a tennis practice area, playground
and separate “tot lot” for smaller children
and a natural wooded area for nature
study. The Green Center is adjacent to
Kaufman Park, 7.77 acres, acquired 1972.
Greensfelder Park West of 8333 Fullerton,
6.75 acres, acquired 1928.
Kingsland Park Kingsland at Chamberlain,
children’s ”tot lot.”
.84 acres, acquired 1970.
Ruth Park Golf Course 8211 Groby Rd,
.24 mile trail, nine-hole golf course and
driving range and club house.
Lewis Park Delmar at Yale, features a
decorative pond with fountain, public art,
and a playground, 4.00 acres, acquired
1923, 1928 and 1954.
Ruth Park Woods 1160 McKnight Rd,
.24 mile trail, 26-acre wooded tract
with interpretive nature trails developed
in coordination with the Missouri
Department of Conservation and
Greenway South South from 6600
Kingsbury to Millbrook, linear park, .809
acres, acquired 1967.
Janet Majerus Park Partridge and
Raymond, features a decorative pond
with fountain, one-third mile jogging trail,
fitness stations and children’s playground,
4.5 acres, acquired 1995.
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Flynn Park Bounded by Pershing, Midvale
and Kingsbury, this park
facility includes 5 tennis courts and
a playground, 6.61 acres,
acquired 1923.
Heman Park Bounded by Olive, Purdue,
Midland, Vernon and Pennsylvania, U.
City’s largest park serves the entire
community. Outdoor facilities include
restrooms, several picnic areas, four
picnic pavilions, one large baseball
diamond, five softball diamonds, three
baseball diamonds, one tee ball diamond,
four soccer fields, two combination
football/soccer fields, basketball courts,
horseshoe courts, eight tennis courts
(four are lighted for night use), 1.5 mile
jogging course and a large playground.
Includes the Heman Park Swimming Pool,
Centennial Commons recreation facility,
Heman Park Community Center and our
Park Maintenance and Forestry Divisions,
85.26 acres, acquired 1923, 1928 and
Rabe Park Midland at Canton,
children’s playground and open play field,
2.0 acres, acquired 1933.
University City Dog Park Vernon at
Pennsylvania, acquired 2019.
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