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Tree Services
Tree Ordinance
In November 2006, the University City
Municipal Code was amended to
establish new regulations on trees
and shrubs on both public and private
property. To obtain a complete Tree
Ordinance or the revised Tree Manual
you can download the document(s)
from ucitymo.org, call the City Forester,
James Crowe: 505.8619 or e-mail:
Storm Damage
»» UCity’s Forestry Division maintains
trees on public rights-of-way, in parks
and on other public properties.
»» After a storm, crews clear streets of
city-owned, downed tree limbs on an
emergency basis.
»» The city is responsible for the
removal of limbs from publicly
owned trees only.
»» Trees on private property are
maintained by owners.
»» Limbs less than three inches in
diameter may be cut into four-foot
lengths and bundled for collection
by the Sanitation Division. (Max. 6
bundles per pickup).
»» To report damage to public right-ofway trees or limbs blocking streets,
call the Forestry Office: 505.8619.
The Forestry Division maintains
30,000 trees along streets and in
parks, with this schedule:
»» Seating capacity for banquets
Half hall: 125 persons
Whole hall: 250 persons
»» No leaves or branches may be
brought to the park.
»» Half of the facility rental fee
is required at the time of the
»» Please report broken equipment or
vandalism of any park facilities to the
Park Maintenance Office: 505.8618.
»» D
umping of grass clippings, leaves,
debris, etc. in city park facilities or
receptacles is prohibited. Please
report these problems to Police:
725.2211 or to Park Maintenance:
Street Tree Planting Requests
Citizens’ requests for new street trees
should be made by September 1. Work
requests and tree inspections can be
made by calling 505.8619.
Facilities Reservations
Heman Park
Community Center
»» The remaining fees and a refundable
security deposit are due 30 days
before the event.
Saturday rates:
(Private use. Min. 5 hours/rental.)
Half hall:................................................. $400
Whole hall: ........................................... $800
Half hall:................................................. $500
Whole hall:..........................................$1000
»» With use of kitchen, an additional
fee of $65
»» Without kitchen, to bring food/drink
into facility: $30
»» To consume alcohol on premises,
Alcohol Request Fee required: $10
»» Includes two meeting halls that can
be converted into one large room
»» Fully functional kitchen
»» Planting: winter and spring
»» Removal: summer
»» Accessible for all individuals
»» Stump grinding: fall
»» Available to nonprofit organizations
at reasonable rates determined by the
type of activity planned
Firewood generated by tree removal
and trimming is available to residents
free of charge at the job site and at
Heman Park throughout the year.
»» Reservations are taken first-come firstserved and must be made at least
30 days in advance of your event.
Location: 975 Pennsylvania (between
Vernon and Olive). Reservations by
appointment only, call Leslie Eutz
505.8617 to schedule your appt.
»» Available for service, charitable,
cultural, educational and private
activities, such as wedding receptions
and family reunions
»» Trimming: winter
Booking guidelines
»» Property owners must dispose of any
debris from privately owned trees at
their own expense.
Mulch and Wood Chips
Heman Park has a distribution area
where residents may pick up leaf
compost, shredded wood, wood chips
and firewood. There is no fee to load
vehicles with material for personal use.
To arrange loading by the city (for a fee)
or for commercial use, call 505.8573.
»» Call for nonprofit rates: 505.8617
Like us on Facebook - facebook.com/universitycityrecreationdivision
(314) 505-8625 • ucitymo.org


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