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The Green Center (TGC)
8025 Blackberry Avenue
(west of North & South), 725.8314,
e-mail: info@thegreencenter.org,
• Ecosystem Plot Studies
• Greenhouse Propagation
• Geology: Missouri Rocks
• Discovery Garden Exploration
Founded in 1997, TGC is a non-profit arts Nature Play (Early Childhood)
Connecting children to nature has
beneficial effects on a child’s health
and development. “Nature Play”
programs reconnect children to nature
and give them an opportunity to
learn while making new discoveries,
observations and adventures! These
programs are 1-2 hrs long and cost $8/
student (including materials). Min.
of 5 students/program. Check The
Green Center’s website for upcoming
scheduled programs in the spring, fall
and winter.
Educational Programs
Speaker Series
Field experience programs are offered
throughout the year on nature related
topics. Field Experience/Outreach
and Scout programs are 1-2 hrs in
length; cost is $7/student (including
materials). Minimum of 5 students/
program. For more info email
Spring & Summer Camps
Camps are held during the spring
and summer. Check TGC’s website
for dates.
Field Experiences/
Outreach Programs
• Wetland Ecology
• Prairie Ecology (fall only)
• Forest Ecology
• Keying Out Trees-Classification
• Prairie By Design (fall only)
• Pollination Appreciation
Scout Programs
Each season of the year offers
opportunities for Boy Scout and Girl
Scout programs. Check TGC’s website
for available programming.
The Green Center presents a series of
speakers that will share their stories in
nature and the impact it had on their
lives. Upcoming speakers will be posted
to TGC’s website.
U City in Bloom is a non-profit with
funding provided by the City of U City,
the U City school district and private
donations. We are committed to
maintaining and further development
of the over 325 public garden locations
established over the last 30 years. These
gardens are designed, planted and
sustained by a group of volunteers under
a Director of Horticulture, an assistant
horticulturist and part-time horticulture
staff members. We offer a variety of
volunteer opportunities to fit everyone’s
Volunteer Opportunities:
Volunteer hands are always needed
in our public gardens. No previous
expertise required. Guided by our
experienced Director of Horticulture,
you will work with a dedicated group
of volunteers who will soon become
your friends and teachers. For more
information or to volunteer, go to our
website: ucityinbloom.org.
Special Partners
and environmental education
organization dedicated to helping
people understand the natural world
through hands-on experiences;
protecting native habitats; and
encouraging artistic expression inspired
by nature. The outdoor classroom at TGC
encompasses over 30 acres, including
the 26-acre Ruth Park Woods, a one-acre
Prairie/Wetland complex and three-acre
Demonstration Area that includes a rain
garden, community
vegetable garden,
greenhouse, native
plant gardens and
Certified Nature
Explore Classroom.
U. City in Bloom
Coming Events
Visit the Bird Habitat and
Volunteer Opportunities Native Plant Garden at
Visit the website, contact us at
volunteer@thegreencenter.org, or
call 725.8314 x 102.
U. City Public Library
Hours: Mon.–Fri.: 9 am – 9 pm,
Sat. 9 am–5 pm, Sun. 1 pm–5 pm.
727-3150, 6701 Delmar
Centennial Commons
This ever-changing garden at the NE
corner of Centennial Commons includes
Native Plant Landscaping to attract bees,
birds, butterflies and other organisms.
The Bird Houses started as a Scout
and Student project at Delmar/
Harvard School.
For a schedule of events or detailed
information, check
out our website
or call 727.3150
Like us on Facebook - facebook.com/universitycityrecreationdivision
(314) 505-8625 • ucitymo.org


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