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Fair Play Policy
Inclusion Services
Reservation Basics
The Department of Community
Development-Recreation Division
offers opportunities for residents of
all ages and abilities. Our goal is to
provide recreational enjoyment in
a safe environment. Please assist us
in maintaining a safe and enjoyable
environment by following our Fair Play
Policy. Individuals using Recreation
Division facilities are expected to:
Malory Smysor, Regional
Coordinator of Inclusive
Recreation, facilitates the
inclusion of people with disabilities
in our recreation programs and
provides assistance with city services.
For accommodations or assistance,
call Malory: (314) 290.8507; e-mail:
msmysor@claytonmo.gov; or through
Relay Missouri: (800) 735.2966 (TDD).
Please allow two (2) weeks prior to
activity start date for coordination of
support. Volunteers are needed to assist
people with disabilities. Contact Malory
for details.
Customer Service
We use RecTrac, a software program
designed to improve customer service.
It automates reservations for picnic
pavilions, athletic fields, the Heman
Park Community Center, Centennial
Commons, tee times and play at
Ruth Park Golf Course and recreation
program/event registration. RecTrac
provides swipe-entry stations at several
of our recreational facilities. This also
ensures minimum and maximum
enrollments are maintained, class
rosters are produced, and correct fees
are applied.
»» Refrain from using profane language.
»» Refrain from placing themselves and/
or others at physical risk.
»» Respect one another and one
another’s personal property.
»» Not participate in any unlawful
activities (i.e., vandalism, stealing, use
or selling of illegal drugs or weapons).
Adherence to this policy is greatly
appreciated. Persons who endanger
the safety of themselves or others will
be removed from Recreation Division
facilities and/or recreation programs.
Other infractions of the rules will be
handled as deemed necessary by
Recreation Division staff. If children are
involved, their parent and/or guardian
will be contacted.
Americans with
Disabilities Act
The programs and facilities of the
University City Department of
Community Development-Recreation
Division are available to people of all
abilities. If special accommodations
are needed to participate, please let us
know when registering.
U. City strives to comply with the
Americans with Disabilities Act and
welcomes comments. Complaints that
a program, service or activity is not
accessible to persons with disabilities
should be directed to Kelli Cannon,
Human Resources Manager at 505.8532.
Spring / Summer 2019
Photo Policy
The Department of Community
Development-Recreation Division
may take photos of participants at our
parks, of persons enrolled in sponsored
programs, and of those enjoying special
events. Please be aware that these
photos are for department use only
and may be used in future publications,
flyers, displays, social networking sites
and on the City’s website: ucitymo.org.
Equal Opportunity
University City Department of
Community Development-Recreation
Division’s facilities, programs and
activities are open to all persons on an
equal opportunity basis. Anyone who
believes they have been subjected to
discrimination on the basis of race, color,
sexual orientation, national origin, age
or disability, may file a complaint with
either the U. City Dept. of Community
DevelopmentRecreation Division or the Office of
Equal Opportunity, U.S. Dept. of the
Interior, Washington, D.C. 20240.
Payment Policy
Checks or money orders should be
made payable to the City of University
City and must be made for the exact
amount of the fee. Returned Check Fees:
$25-Administrative Handling Fee PLUS
$9-Bank Fee. MasterCard and Visa are
also accepted at Centennial Commons
and Ruth Park Golf Course. Your home
telephone number MUST be provided
for ALL check (personal/cashier/
certified) transactions.
The Department of Community
Development-Recreation Division
reserves the right to cancel any event,
activity or program due to lack of
participation and to limit the number
of participants for a program, activity or
event. In those instances, a refund will
be issued.


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