eResearch Report 2017 - 2018 - Page 11

Dealing with the data
DataFirst is an open research data
repository based at UCT which also
holds socioeconomic data from a
number of African governments
and research institutions. The data
is easily accessible to researchers
and policy analysts worldwide.
offers subject-specialist
support with the
anonymisation and special
preparation required for
microdata sharing
works with large-scale
university projects and
government agencies
to encourage them to
deposit their raw data
for further use
quality-checks and
anonymises data
provides an open data site
where researchers can read
about and download data
in the case of sensitive data,
allows for the use of the
data in their secure centre
at UCT
supports data users
trains African researchers in
data analysis.
Other data repositories
There is also a range of
discipline-specific data
repositories and alternatives
to ZivaHub, for example
Zenodo. DLS have set up a
UCT community on Zenodo
with which UCT-related data
publications can be associated.
Researchers can publish their
research in UCT’s open-access
repository: OpenUCT. They can
hyperlink their papers to the data
sets published on ZivaHub, and
vice versa.
Researchers are encouraged to
use any data repository that best
suits their needs.

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