eResearch Report 2017 - 2018 - Page 22

Building the infrastructure to meet our needs
The ICTS network renewal project:
Benefits for research
The UCT network brings storage, internet access and
other services – such as WiFi – to staff and students on all
campuses. Information and Communication Technology
Services (ICTS) is embarking on a major project to renew
the network – with a positive impact for research.
The network renewal project will
enable ICTS to ensure a continued
high level of network quality, even as
demand grows, as well as improved
network performance and security.
As network renewal is a vast and
complicated undertaking, the work
has been divided up into various
phases. The first phase kicked off in
2018, and the project is expected to be
completed by 2020.
Researchers will experience a number of benefits thanks to the project:

Enhanced security: With
major data breaches
becoming more common,
security is no longer an
afterthought. World-class
threat detection and security
mechanisms will be built into
all layers of the new network,
helping to safeguard UCT
data, devices and systems.

Better performance:
Increasingly, research relies on
a strong network connection
as data sets become more
voluminous and cloud
technology is used more
often for both storage and
software. The new network
will cater for both current and
future needs.

Improved efficiency:
Standardisation and
automation will boost
efficiency, while the new
network will also lay the
foundation for future
smart technologies.

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