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eResearch Report 2017–18
Supporting the
research endeavour
Data for learning:
Training the next
generation of
The Eskom Specialisation Centre for Energy Efficiency, hosted by
the Applied Thermofluid Process Modelling (ATProM) Research
Unit at the Mechanical Engineering Department, trains and
mentors engineers for South Africa’s power utility, Eskom. To do
this they need access to the tools and platforms Eskom uses.
Some of these tools require extra technical support, and it is here
that eResearch assisted.
“Part of our work aims to bridge
the skills gap in the South African
power industry,” says Associate
Professor Wim Fuls of the ATProM
Research Unit. “We use Eskom’s
tools to run training projects for its
postgraduate engineering students,
so that when they go back to
Eskom they already know how to
apply these tools.”
To this end, the group is
working to acquire EtaPRO,
a performance and condition
monitoring system used by
Eskom to monitor power plants.
“EtaPRO is a data-collecting
platform that collects information
– temperature, pressures, power
levels and so on – and then maps

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