eResearch Report 2017 - 2018 - Page 8

eResearch Report 2017–18
Dealing with
the data
Opening up
the research
enterprise through
data publication
at UCT
Today, technology offers new ways of not only acquiring but
also sharing and storing research data, allowing for greater
collaboration among researchers as well as a more rigorous
scrutiny. The result is a global movement towards greater
openness in science. As part of this, UCT, in March 2018,
implemented its research data management (RDM) policy to
support effective data sharing and to address the need for data
to be findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) to
specific quality standards.
“Open science – in particular,
making the data on which
the science is based freely
available – is a response to the
notion that university research
is a public good and should be
publicly available,” says Dr Dale
Peters, UCT eResearch director.
“In addition, funders are
mandating data publication so
they don’t repeat-fund research,
and journals are mandating it so
that results of publications can
be verified.”
Beyond the public good, there
are other enticing reasons why
researchers should want to publish
their data openly. The first is for
citations, says Niklas Zimmer,
headof UCT Libraries’ Digital
Library Services (DLS).
“Data is now another thing you
can be cited for. Open-access
publishing of the data means
it will be found and reused by
other researchers in your field,
and you will be credited for this.”

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