UCT eResearch report 2018-2019 - Page 33

Advanced Computing Committee (ACC).
For Barnett, the fact that ilifu is an
infrastructure managed by researchers
for researchers makes it preferable to
commercial cloud computing platforms
like Amazon Web Services or Google
Compute Engine.
“It’s a virtualised and flexible
computing infrastructure
where I don’t need to worry
about any of the hardware as
the experts take care of that,”
he says. “In addition, unlike
the commercial platforms,
the costing is transparent.
And I know the people behind
the infrastructure, Andrew
Lewis, Timothy Carr and Dane
Kennedy from my previous
work, and am confident I will
get great support.”
Right: Cartoon representation of NanA sialidase
(PDB:2VVZ) from Streptococcus pneumoniae solvated
in water. A trisaccharide substrate (van der Waals
representation) is bound in the active site of the enzyme
with sodium and chloride ions present in solution.
Infr astructure to support our rese arch needs


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