Umthombo 2 - Page 9

Dr Lindi Masson
Test for screening women
for sexually transmitted
infections while asymptomatic
Prof Michelle Kuttel
Software innovations for
vaccine development
Prof Ernesta Meintjes
SARChI Chair in Brain
Imaging, Director of
CUBIC-UCT and inventor
of methods to improve
image quality of MRI scans
Prof Sharon Prince
Series of palladium compounds
with anti-cancer properties
better than Cisplatin
Dr Nicola Douglass
Various inventions
related to HIV/AIDS
and animal vaccines
Prof Tania Douglas
SARChI Chair
in Biomedical
Engineering and
Innovation and
co-founder of UCT
spin-off Cape Ray
Medical (Pty) Ltd
Prof Carolyn Williamson
Prophylactic and therapeutic
vaccines against HIV/AIDS
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read more about the
work of Professor
Tania Douglas:
an innovator who
promotes innovation.
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