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Director, Barry Sumner, said ‘We
have seen lots of changes over
the 70 years: the Park has grown
from just a few mobile homes to the
estate we have today. We felt that
The safety and security of living
it was very important to bring
in a community of like-minded
together our residents and tenants
people, where neighbours look out
to celebrate such a special milestone
for one another, is a major factor
for the Park as a community.’
that attracts many residents to live
at Warfield Park. ‘The community
The positive community spirit
in the Park have such a different
benefits both old and new
mind-set when it comes to looking residents, with many joining a club
after each other and caring for
or activity, or attending coffee
those in need,’ said resident Sandy mornings to establish friendships
Goodall. The Park is ‘a place to
soon after moving onto the Park.
meet new and old friends and to
Christine Barnes said, ‘We have
have lots of fun together.’
made many new friends since
Warfield Park recently celebrated moving here five and a half years
its 70th anniversary by hosting an ago. In our first week on the Park
I joined the Line Dancing class
event to thank its residents and
tenants for their continued support. which I had never done before
so was a little apprehensive. I
Food, drink, and entertainment
from the Two Nightingales and DJ was made so welcome by everybody
John Farr were provided through- and really enjoyed it. We got our
out the day for the residents, their first ever dog, Poppy, who everybody knows and we have met
friends and families. Managing
have a very helpful and nice team
of people in Warfield Park Homes.
No matter what the problem they
will do their best to help us.”
Celebrating its 70th Anniversary this year, Warfield Park is one of the longest established
Residential Park Home Estates in the UK. Set within 92 acres of idyllic parkland between
Ascot and Bracknell, and playing host to a thriving community of over 400 privately owned
park homes and rental accommodation across 75 properties, Warfield Park is one of the most
sought after park home locations in the south of England.
© Guy Aubertain Photography
© Guy Aubertain Photography
and become friends with so many
residents while walking around the
With recent plans approved for
82 new homes, the Park looks
forward to welcoming many new
residents and expanding the positive community spirit enjoyed by
residents today. R
Images supplied By WARFIELD PARK
01344 884666
© Guy Aubertain Photography
he design and layout of the
Park is unique in that the
majority of the homes are
not laid out in rows, unlike many
newly built bricks and mortar
properties. The homes, which
boast generously sized gardens
filled with colourful blooms, sit
between the Park’s magnificent
trees, with an abundance of
Arriving at Warfield Park, there
is a sense that you have escaped
the daily hustle and bustle and
have been transported into a slice
of tranquil village life. This is echoed
by resident Jackie Porter who
says Warfield Park is, ‘like living in
a peaceful village from 50 years
ago. It is so calm and peaceful.’
What is particularly special
about Warfield Park is the strong
sense of community enjoyed by
the residents. The residents are
friendly and extremely welcoming –
© Cambell Braybrooke Ltd
the resident dog walkers say hello,
neighbours chat to each other, and
people flash a smile and exchange
pleasantries in a way that is usually
only found in a close village.
activities available…things to
interest everyone whether active
or not,’ said Rosie. The broadness
of activities available ranges from
fitness, music and social activities,
This small rural neighbourhood as well as regular weekend socials
is by no means cut off from society. which often feature live music.
The Park is conveniently located 3 Monthly excursions and bi-weekly
miles from Bracknell Town Centre coffee mornings are a great
opportunity for the residents to
and within easy reach of the M3,
M4 and local bus routes and main- socialise with like-minded friends.
line trains to London Waterloo and
Christine Barnes, a resident for
over 5 years on the Park, said,
Adding to the popularity of
the development are on-site
facilities including a community
hall, hairdressers, beauty salon,
and launderette. The community hall,
which is regularly used for clubs,
hobbies, and events arranged by
the residents’ vibrant Community
Association, is described as the
‘hub of the Park’ by their Chairperson
Rosie Jones.
‘There are so many clubs and
‘Warfield Park is a beautiful place
to live, the grounds are very
attractive and the sense of
community spirit is wonderful.
There is nowhere else we would
rather live!’ This thought was
reiterated by Rosie Jones, “It is a
truly fabulous place to live – you
can be as involved as you want
to be. People look out for each
other without being intrusive. It is
a really safe place to live and we
The Warfield team
collecting their Social
Housing Association
Energy & Effeciency

Warfield Park

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