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The Five-point Plan

Pathfinder Evolution

When designing a new kitchen for a

park-home, Kettle Co. use a five-point

plan and pay specific attention to:


Kettle kitchens

We spoke to Dale Williams, founder and Managing director of

Kettle Kitchens and discovered he has the perfect background

to specialise in the design and fitting of kitchens for park homes


n apprentice kitchen maker

and fitter in his own right,

Dale is also a keen sailor having

grown up and around boats all

his life. ‘Having

spent much of

my formative

years sailing, I

grew up with an

appreciation of

the importance

of organisation

and utilisation of

space on boat.

When space is at

a premium, you

must use it well

and diligently,

with a focus on

both practicality

and design’.

Kettle of

Fowey formally

launched from

Cornish Market World in December

2007, with the goal of delivering


kitchens that were innovative

and functional, and backed by an

excellent installation team. With a

successful ten years in the industry

that includes


kitchens to luxury


being featured on

Grand Designs

and winning

awards, Kettle

Kitchens have a

right to be proud

of their continued


Dale’s company,

Kettle Kitchen

Co. has been

specialising in the

design and fitting

of park home

kitchens for many

© Kettle Kitchens

years. Dale says:

‘Despite being one of the largest

kitchen companies in the South-

West, completing many projects for

new build developers and existing

home owners, we are passionate

about our specialism in undertaking

park-home design and installation

projects. Park-homes present a

unique and challenging opportunity

which we delight in, indeed our

team of designers often clash over

who gets to work on the projects as

and when they come in. Each parkhome project presents its own set

of challenges and opportunities

and we love exploring options and

ideas with our customers, who are

both passionate and attentive about

getting the right kitchen design for

their needs and lifestyle.’

© Kettle Kitchens

Using every inch of available

space their park-home

kitchens are truly bespoke,

ensuring easy access especially

into those difficult to reach corners

by utilising creative storage

solutions, lift-up lids as well as pullout and slide out racking. Kettle

kitchens are designed to your

exact requirements and space

and are not limited to standard

cupboard sizes or doors like many

high-street kitchen companies, so

everything can be made to order.

This ensures the space you have is

made fully available to you, down

to the nearest millimetre.


Remove worktop clutter and

reduce appliance space by

using integrated appliances.

Kettle have an ingenious selection

of tips to maximise your working

area and preserve clean lines. An

integrated boiling tap is a valuable

addition to your normal taps,

saving space on work top kettle

storage and on boiling time; these

come with built in child safety

devices to prevent accidental

injury. They also recommend

popup plug points which can

be stowed after use and the

installation of an integrated dual

microwave/grill/conventional oven.


Designed for the owner and

their family in mind. Many of

Kettles clients want to avoid

bending down to check how their

meals are cooking in the oven,

so they build in mid-height, selfcleaning ovens for easy access

and reduced workload. When the

family or grandchildren come to

stay, some client want special hide

away features such as benches

or small desks for children to sit

at. The kitchen needs to work for

both the owners and the extended



Practicality does not

mean a compromise on

look and style: We looked

at their designs, show homes

and completed kitchens and

discovered a broad range of

over thirty different door styles,

both modern and traditional in a

range of over forty different colour

choices and finishes.

of space, but our dedication is

paying off and we are now being

recognised for our capability at a

national level’.

Kettle Approach &


Kettle’s specialist installation

team, have a wealth of experience

working within park-homes,

working on their own or alongside

specialist refurbishment company

Insulated Homes on complete

refurbishment projects.

Extra storage and style?

They use the latest fixture and

Kettle don’t just improve your fitting technology, specifically

Kitchen life,


they can add extra

for use in

storage and style


to your bedroom

ensuring that

and living areas

your dream

as well. Made to

kitchen is

measure furniture

installed with

can be designed

the minimum

to accommodate

of disruption.

all your storage

We were

© Kettle Kitchens

needs throughout

astounded to

your park home,

hear that full kitchen installations

such as office, lounge, bedroom

can be conducted in as little as

and craft furniture. They use the

three days.

same eye for stylish space saving

and apply it to all the rooms in

Visit Kettle Co online at

your park home.


Nationally Recognised


In 2017 Kettle were one of 3

companies shortlisted by Hafele,

the world’s leading supplier of

kitchen components, for a UK

award for ‘Most Innovative Use of

Space in a Project’. Dale says; ‘We

have learnt the hard way, through

sweat and graft to make the most

or at the new £350,000

showrooms that recently

opened in Plymouth or

their Cornwall office in

St Austell.

01726 600034

23Kettle Kitchens

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