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 Setting aside time each day to focus on your well being has many rewards. It can leave you feeling more relaxed, with better mental health, lower stress, reduced anxiety and these

in turn can lead to an improvement in your general health. Mindfulness is an easy way to

just push the pause button on your life and take five or ten minutes to yourself to escape

your problems, pain or stress. We’ve been practising here in the office and think we benefited from

instant results, after a few days we definitely felt that it was easier to do and all of us think we’ll use it

in our lives. Why not try it for yourself and let us know how you got on?


The mental state achieved by focusing your

attention on the present moment

There are many books, courses and websites that will

teach you ways of being mindful but if you’d like to start

out simply, here are the exercises we’ve been doing in

the office. Let us know how you get on.


Slow down and take a moment.

Notice what is around you.

What can you see, taste, smell

and hear? We process so much

information in our busy lives that

we’ve stopped noticing the everyday things that are all around us.


Pick a time and place in your

day. A journey; a walk; out

shopping; or just when you are

sat quietly at home. Try and really notice everything you can see

rather than let it wash over you.

What can you smell? Hear? Taste?

As your journey progresses tell

your self (either in your head or

aloud) what you can see, hear, taste

and smell. If you get distracted

and realise you are thinking about

what to have for dinner instead,

that’s OK, dismiss those thoughts

to think about them later and go



If you are finding these exercises difficult, try listening to an

app on your phone, or using a video,

audio or website recording which

can talk you through the techniques.

We’d love to hear your thoughts,

back to the now. Repeat this exer- how you got on and any tips you

cise daily, it does get easier with may have for other readers. R

practice and you’ll find you’ll go

longer without distracting yourself.


Sit down quietly, close your

eyes and relax. It can be

harder at first as you are not getting

the visual clues from your eyes but

relaxing, taking a series of deep and

slow breaths whilst truly feeling your

surroundings can be very relaxing.


Our favourite Resources

Offers a healthier life with a few minutes of meditation a day.

Learn more about mindfulness on the

Mental Health Foundations Website.

Breathe slowly in and out

“A Mindfulness

and think about your breathGuide for the

ing, the sound it makes, any other Frazled”

sounds you can hear? What can you Ruby Wax provides a

taste or smell? Count every breath useful but funny guide

in and out until you get to ten. Re- to mindfulness.

peat, thinking about how your body

feels as you breathe in and out.

Notice any sounds, smells, tastes Written by Julie Main

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