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The Thames Slipper,
built at Hurley in
Berkshire by Peter
Freebody & Co.
Bottom: a Shrimper
from Cornish Crabbers
starts at £20,000
Above: the Titian
Tender made by
Cockwells, priced at
£1m. Left: Ben Harris at
work in his Falmouth
workshop; below,
software entrepreneur
and saviour of Oyster
Yachts, Richard Hadida
eponymous boatyard at Mylor Creek
in Falmouth has become famous for its
Duchy motor launches that range from
the open, £35,000 21-foot day boat
to the elegant, £800,000 twin-engined
60 that’s capable of running at up to
24 knots in open seas.
Perhaps the boat that best
exemplifies Cockwell’s skills, however,
is the gorgeous, 10.5 metre Titian
Tender – a day boat that combines a
futuristic hull design with the best of
old-world craftsmanship.
With planking of rich Burmese teak
and copper-infused caulking to the
deck, the Titian Tender is as beautiful
as it is practical, with capacity for up to
a dozen people, a small galley and
fold-out table in the stern. There’s space
enough, in fact, for a couple to enjoy an
intimate overnight stay – assuming they
can raise the £1 million purchase price.
But for sailors on a less extravagant
budget, who want the old-school look
of a clinker-built boat (that’s one with
overlaid wooden planking) at an
affordable price and without the need
for careful hull maintenance, nothing
beats the tried and tested products
of Cornish Crabbers (from £20,000).
A range of GRP (glass reinforced
plastic) vessels are made at a yard in
Rock near Wadebridge, Cornwall. The
smaller 17-foot Shrimper open sail
boat starts from less than £20,000,
with the range rising to the 26-foot
Crabber at £114,950.
And if you’re looking for a last bit of
nautical inspiration, a summation of the
sailing bug from Oyster’s Richard Hadida
should provide you with all the
encouragement you need.
“For me, sailing is both the ultimate
form of relaxation and the ultimate form
of adventure,” Hadida says.
“The moment my bare feet touch the
deck, all the troubles of the world fall
from my shoulders and I know that I
have everything I need to explore the
world’s oceans. What other activity
gives you that?”

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