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Welcome to the 2020 edition of our Emerging Themes in
Financial Regulation publication, a collection of personal
viewpoints and insights from members of our global team
on new developments in the regulatory landscape that
will help you manage your legal and compliance risks in
the year ahead and beyond.
We are celebrating our 10th anniversary publication, and in
that time since 2010 we have predicted and charted huge
change across the regulatory landscape. As even a quick
look at the articles will indicate, the environment continues
to evolve at a rapid pace.
Our overarching theme this year is “Global Regulation,
Local Solutions”. More than ever, misconduct can lead to
consequences with multiple agencies spanning a range
of jurisdictions as well as a range of related authorities
– not just financial regulators, but criminal authorities,
data protection agencies, antitrust authorities, and
bodies responsible for equal opportunities. This is on top
of the risk of civil claims being pursued. Having global
capabilities to manage legal and regulatory risks in each
of the main jurisdictions is key, but equally important is
recognising the unique approaches and expectations
of each relevant authority. Having a genuine depth of
understanding of the local regime, the priorities of the
regulator and its decision-making processes will be critical
in developing a tailored strategy and achieving the best
available outcome for the group.
One pervasive factor that has perhaps led to the
greatest change in this last decade is the huge impact
of technology and data on the management of regulatory
risk – as highlighted in our 2018 edition of Emerging
Themes, “Regulation in the Information Age”.1 This
impacts financial institutions at a range of different levels,
spanning topics such as protection of sensitive client data,
managing cyber risk, the use of big data in marketing
and pricing financial products, new methods of payment
services, distributed ledger technologies, the creation and
trading of virtual currencies, automated surveillance of
trading activity, automated communications surveillance,
and management of ABC, AML and sanctions risks. The
impact of technology on the risks that we face and how
we manage those risks has grown exponentially even in
the last 10 years – and this shows no sign of abating.
On behalf of all of our global team, we hope that you
enjoy reading our viewpoints on what lies ahead in 2020
and how best to tackle these new challenges. As always,
please do get in contact if you have your own perspectives
and thoughts on the issues that we have covered.
Kind regards
Nathan Willmott and Mark Srere
Welcome to the 2020 edition of
Emerging Themes, our annual collection
of personal reflections on new and
emerging issues in financial regulation.
Co-head of the Investigations,
Financial Regulation & White Collar
Group, London
Co-head of the Investigations,
Financial Regulation & White Collar
Group, Washington DC
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