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Fig. 33 Pedro Roldán, Saint Louis of France, 1673, polychromed wood,
Fig. 34 Juan Martínez Montañés, Saint Hermenegild, ca. 1616, polychromed
Cadiz, conventual church of San Francisco.
wood, Seville, church of Sant Hermenegildo.
Louis was one of three royal and military figures, along with Saint
martyred, known as the Puerta de Córdoba, completed in 1616, is
Hermenegild and Ferdinand III (San Fernando), whose cult was
currently maintained by the Confraternity of Saint Hermenegild.
widely promoted in the early decades of the seventeenth century
The saint’s image is the principal one on the main altarpiece,
in Seville. Hermenegild was a Visigoth who was martyred for
depicted wearing armour alla romana, and is traditionally
refusing to renounce his Christian faith; the other two were medieval
attributed to Juan Martínez Montañés (fig. 34). Various early
kings who fought against heresy and Islam. The three figures were
seventeenth-century painters contributed to the creation of the
adopted as references by the Spanish Hapsburgs in their wars to
image of this royal military saint, including Francisco Herrera
Fig. 35 Francisco Herrera
defend Catholicism against Protestant movements in central Europe.
in his Apotheosis of Saint Hermenegild from the Jesuit college of San
the Elder, Apotheosis of Saint
Hermenegildo (fig. 35), and the anonymous canvas which is part
Hermenegild, ca. 1620-1624,
Upon the request of Philip II, Pope Sixtus V canonized
of the main altarpiece in the chapel of San Hermenegildo in
oil on canvas, Seville,
Hermenegild in 1585. A church built on the site where he was
Seville Cathedral.
Museo Bellas Artes.


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