Colnaghi Collections_Vol 01 - Page 153

Rome, 1585 – 1653
Sacra Conversazione with a Donor
Oil on panel
100.5 x 131 cm
Stamped with the collector’s mark SG on the reverse
This painting constitutes one of the most important recent
Infante Sebastián Gabriel de Borbón (1811-1875).
rediscoveries within the oeuvre of Angelo Caroselli. The
Alfonso de Borbón y Borbón (1866-1934).
present panel (a support frequently used by the artist) is a highly
Luis Alfonso de Borbón y Bernaldo de Quirós,
significant work that will henceforth occupy a preeminent
II Duque de Ansola, (1887-1942).
position within Caroselli’s corpus. Although undocumented,
Manfredo Luis Borbón y Bernaldo de Quirós,
this work is of extremely high quality and unquestionably by the
I Duque de Hernani (1888-1979).
artist on account of its unmistakeable style. The only information
And thence by descent.
regarding the work's provenance can be gleaned from the initials
SG on the back of the support, revealing that the picture was in
Spain in the nineteenth century in the prestigious collection of
the Infante don Sebastián Gabriel de Borbón (born 1811).
The subject is a large Adoration of the Christ Child, set outdoors and
including a group of saints, angels, and an unidentified donor
in contemporary dress, who is introduced into the scene by an
angel on the right. Some of the holy figures can be identified
with relative certainty: on the right is the Archangel Gabriel and
in front of him in the foreground is Saint Joseph. The two elderly
figures flanking the Virgin could be her parents, Joachim and
Anne, or alternatively Elizabeth and Zacharias. With regards
to the female figures worshipping the Christ Child, on the left
is Mary Magdalene, while the figure on the right could be Saint
Catherine of Alexandria, albeit lacking her traditional attributes
(sword and wheel). Behind the Christ Child on the left, Saint
Peter holds the keys of the Church; the figure next to him,
however, is more difficult to identify.


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