Colnaghi Collections_Vol 01 - Page 154

Fi g. 2 2 . 1 A n g elo C a ros elli, Madonna Enthroned B etwe e n the
A rchan g els M ichael and Ra phael, oil on p a nel, 111.5 x 73 c m ,
Ro me, Fo n da z ione Roma .
F ig. 22.2 A ngelo Caroselli, Sain t We n ce slas, c a. 1627-16 3 0 ,
oil on c anvas, 315 x 184 c m , Vienna, Kunsthistorisches
M useum .
He may represent Isaiah, the prophet who foretold the birth of
the intensity of reds and blues, recalling especially Dosso Dossi,
Christ. Particularly difficult to identify are the three monks in
an artist of the previous century whom Caroselli must have
dialogue on the left: they appear to be Franciscans or Capuchins,
admired and considered a point of reference.
which could indicate that this work was intended for a building of
one of their orders.
A similarly crowded and minutely detailed scene is found in
another notable work by Caroselli, Christ and the Woman Taken
The panel is an outstanding example of Caroselli’s archaizing
in Adultery, while the saturated colours and highly charged red
aesthetic and looks back to the Cinquecento or even further
reappears in both the preliminary bozzetto (Rome, Museo dei
for inspiration; this is also reflected in the choice of a wood
Roma) and final version of Saint Wenceslaus, painted between
support. In its apparent referral to earlier models, the present
1627 and 1630 for Saint Peter’s in Rome (Kunsthistorisches
painting relates to another panel by Caroselli, The Virgin and Child
Museum, Vienna) (fig. 22.2). A dating around those years
Enthroned between the Archangels Michael and Raphael (Fondazione
could also be proposed for this beautiful Adoration. At this time
Roma, fig. 22.1). It has a similar throne with two antique columns
Caroselli’s artistic relationship with his artistic disciple, Pietro
surmounted by a large red canopy filling the uppermost register
Paolini, was notably close and mutually fruitful.
of the composition. Both paintings are also based chromatically
on earlier styles that prioritized saturated tones and emphasized
G ianni P api


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