Mitzvah Day Impact Report Digital version 26th June - Page 15

Mitzvah Day
Impact Report 2008 – 2018
Theory of Change Model
Bringing people together through Jewish-led Social Action
Collective social action increases and becomes
more impactful, improving outcomes for local
people, worldwide
Mitzvah Day
Impact Report 2008 – 2018
In the News
A stronger, better supported role for Jews
in social action, and more positive attitudes
towards the Jewish community in society
More people, more
causes are supported by
Jewish led social action
(Tikkun Olam)
Local social action
becomes more
sustainable and higher
quality, with more
efficient use of resources
Greater recognition for
the power and value of
Jewish-led social action
in general society
More and stronger
connections and
relationships between
Jews and the wider
The effectiveness and
efficacy of Mitzvah Day
continuously improves
over time, delivering
greater impact
The amount of social
action volunteering
across the UK and
overseas increases
Local civil society orgs
more able to support
volunteers, deliver effective
projects and make use of
opportunities (e.g. CSR)
Mitzvah Day becomes
more sustainable and
credible, with more
people getting involved
every year
Stronger connections
and collaborations
across faiths and
cultures through local
social action
Mitzvah Day refines its
strategy in response
to experience and is
better able to respond to
community / partner needs
More inspiration and
fewer barriers to
volunteering and Jewishled social action
Mitzvah Day’s partners
have more, and better
skills and knowledge in
facilitating and delivering
social action
Mitzvah Day attracts
more funding and
influential support and
more people hear about
its work
Greater involvement of
people and organisations
from different faiths and
cultures in Mitzvah Day
Mitzvah Day team have
enhanced skills and a
stronger understanding
of impact, performance
and growth areas
Making action happen
Strengthening civil society
Profile and sustainability
Facilitating relationships
Internal development
A day of inspiration for a
year of activity and impact
Supporting our grassroots
Public relations and
targeted fundraising
Building partnerships and
bridges across communities
Growing the capacity,
capabilities and success of
Mitzvah Day
– Recruiting and training
– Identifying and working with
interfaith partners
– Bringing organisations
together across faiths,
generations and all forms of
– Finding beneficiary charities
– Evaluation and monitoring
– Setting and refining
strategic direction
– Staff, trustee and
volunteer training
– Developing Mitzvah
Day across the UK and
– Responding to community
needs and trends
– Facilitating an array of
Jewish-led social action,
involving all faiths, throughout
the UK and around the world
– Inspired by one day, with
action across all 365 days
– Themes based on key Jewish
values, Tikkun Olam, Gemilut
Chasadim and Tzedek
– Celebrating community
action and broadcasting local
– Mentoring other faith and
community groups
– Supporting charities thereby
increasing volunteering,
funding, engagement in and
quality of social action
– Campaigns: traditional
and social media coverage,
branding, website, events, etc.
– Fundraising from donors,
merchandise, grants, events
– Engaging influencers, e.g.
MPs and faith leaders
External Evaluation
Key Finding:
“The brand that Mitzvah Day has built
over the last 10 years is central to
its success. The brand is well known
and well regarded and appears
to carry significant capital both
within Jewish communities and
other faith groups.”
Coventry University’s Centre for
Trust, Peace and Social Relations

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