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Mitzvah Day
Impact Report 2008 – 2018
Focus on…Interfaith
Mitzvah Day
Impact Report 2008 – 2018
Focus on…Interfaith
We believe fundamentally in interfaith social
action as a vehicle for change. We enable
volunteers to positively bring people together
to shape their communities. It’s an invitation to
all to celebrate what we have in common, and
give a helping hand to local causes that are on
our doorsteps. Mitzvah Day is special because
it transcends the Jewish community, giving
volunteers the opportunity to stretch out a hand
of friendship to our neighbours of all faiths and
none, and participate in Mitzvah Day.
itzvah Day acts as a catalyst
for social change, enabling
people of different faiths and
cultures to come together
who would otherwise not
have met. These positive interactions benefit
both the volunteers and the beneficiaries
who see different faiths working together
towards a common goal – improving
their communities.
In the past ten years, the scale of growth in
our interfaith work has been at a pace far
beyond our expectations, with the number
of Mitzvah Days including interfaith projects
reaching well over 100 in 2017.
Initially, projects took place in larger cities
such as London, Manchester and Leeds. In
recent years we have been able to reach out
to smaller, more isolated Jewish communities
across the UK, helping to build more
relationships between faith groups.
We’ve created an impressive and unique
breadth and depth of engagement within
and across the faith groups. I feel immensely
proud of the way in which Mitzvah Day
volunteers seize the opportunity to take the
lead in creating a society with both more
social action and social interaction.
Lady Daniela Pears, Interfaith Chair
External Evaluation
Key Finding:
Encouraging and facilitating
positive contact and collaboration
between Jews and people from
other faiths and cultures:
The number of people who felt that
being involved in Mitzvah Day has
brought them into contact with
someone who they otherwise would
not normally meet.
“Like Mitzvah Day, Sewa Day encourages
Hindus to do something that will have
a lasting effect. I am convinced that
in coming together, the Hindu and
Jewish communities can be the best
possible example of cohesive
Manoj Ladwa
Founding Trustee of Sewa Day
“Having our Jewish sisters and
brothers involved is a real key to
the event’s success. So many new
connections have been made between
people that will go way beyond this
one day. The Muslim community looks
forward to returning the goodwill on
Mitzvah Day in November.”
Julie Siddiqi
founder of Sadaqa Day

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