Mitzvah Day Impact Report Digital version 26th June - Page 24

Having achieved widespread participation across the UK, Mitzvah Day
developed into something bigger, gaining an international presence as
British Jewish Communities shared photos from their Mitzvah Days in their
schools, shuls, offices and neighbourhoods. People outside the UK began to
reach out asking for help taking the concept of Mitzvah Day back home, and
set up the day in their own countries. In 2012, Mitzvah Day decided this growth
needed to receive resource and support, resulting in the successful launches
of Mitzvah Day Germany, Australia and Poland, and Mitzvah Days all
around the globe.
n 2017, Mitzvah Day projects
took place in 30 countries
and we are continuously
on the look out for more
Mitzvah Day Countries who
share our vision, and commit to building
bridges between local communities in
their countries. Living in a country with a
small Jewish population can be isolating,
but Mitzvah Day can be a wonderful way
of helping people to feel more connected
to their Jewishness. From the Jewish
community in Krakow collecting books and
making bookmarks for the Regional Library,
to Berlin’s Muslim and Jewish communities
spending a day helping out in a shelter for
refugees, Mitzvah Day takes inspiration from
the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam and makes a
positive impact in people’s hometowns.
“Mitzvah Day unites all sections of the
Jewish community, irrespective of
affiliation or age, across Australia
and internationally in doing good
deeds, which brings a little joy,
relieves hardships and helps
the environment.”
Joanne Loewy Irons
Chair of Mitzvah Day Australia
External Evaluation
Key Finding:
Our aim is local action and change,
seeking to facilitate and inspire
locally led action that can be entirely
different in each city, town and
street across the UK and around the
The number of people who feel it’s
important Mitzvah Day promotes
stronger communities and
encourages social action
Mitzvah Day
Impact Report 2008 – 2018
Focus on…International
Mitzvah Day
Impact Report 2008 – 2018
Focus on…International
“From working with a group of
Jewish girls who donated their hair
to cancer victims, to supporting
over 35 projects benefiting Syrian
refugees, Mitzvah Day Germany
has grown year on year. I am very
thankful that I am allowed to do
this role and witness the energy of
the Jewish community in Germany.”
Hannah Dannel, Mitzvah Day
Germany Coordinator
“For years people in Belarus have
only known dependency. Through
the work of The Together Plan,
we try to change that mind-set to
encourage independent thinking,
and Mitzvah Day was a great vehicle
to endorse that message.”
Debra Brunner
Director of the Together Plan

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